Sunday Sibbes 

Sunday Sibbes 

The Surpassing Worth

We carry about us always infirmities and corruptions. What use shall we make of them? Not to trust to our own righteousness, which is ‘as a defiled cloth’ (Isa. 64:6), but fly to Christ’s righteousness, which is the righteousness of the God-man, all being as dung and dross in regard of that.

Often think with thyself, What am I? a poor sinful creature, but I have a righteousness in Christ that answers all. I am weak in myself, but Christ is strong, and I am strong in him. I am foolish in myself, but I am wise in him. What I want in myself I have in him. He is mine, and his righteousness is mine, which is the righteousness of the God-man. Being clothed with this, I stand safe against conscience, hell, wrath, and whatsoever. Though I have daily experience of my sins, yet there is more righteousness in…

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