Rage Against the Machine


by Pete Garcia–

If you think the political left is unhinged now, just wait until a minute after the Rapture of the Church happens; all hell will really break loose.

Current Events

It is getting harder and harder to watch the news these days without feeling some overwhelming sense of hopelessness. It’s like watching a train wreck happen in slow motion. It is the decline of western civilization who’s solely bent on suiciding itself. If that were not enough, we watch in horror as the next generation race headlong into embracing the very ideologies that made the 20th-century the bloodiest on record. It’s as if this new generation has a collective case of geopolitical amnesia. We are now being introduced to terms like; white-privilege, homophobic, Islamophobic, intersectionality, woke, safe-spaces, micro-aggressions, identity politics, gender dysphoria, and climate change as if they carry the significant weight of forethought. In reality, it is…

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The Partial Heresy of Partial Preterism

The X Mass H8rs Blog

From a post-trib anti-dispensationalist: Why Partial Preterism Leads to a Full Heresy -this is a very good read and brings up some sobering points that partial preterists need to heed.

FTA: Those who hold to partial preterism believe that the prophecies in Daniel, Matthew 24, and Revelation (with the exception of the last two or three chapters) have already been fulfilled and were fulfilled no later than the first century AD. According to partial preterism, there is no rapture, and passages describing the tribulation and the Antichrist are actually referring to the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70 and the Roman emperor Titus. Partial preterists do believe in the return of Christ to earth and a future resurrection and judgment, but they do not teach a millennial kingdom or that Israel as a nation has a place in God’s future plan. According to partial preterists, the Bible’s references to…

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Are You REALLY Open to the Truth?

George Washington and his Letter to the Jews of Newport


FTA: The original of Washington’s Letter to the Hebrew Congregations of Newport, Rhode Island is small in size, but its impact on American life is immense. In 340 well-chosen words, the Letter reassures those who had fled religious tyranny that life in their new nation would be different, that religious “toleration” would give way to religious liberty, and that the government would not interfere with individuals in matters of conscience and belief. Quoting the Bible’s Old Testament, Washington writes,

“every one shall sit in safety under his own vine and fig tree, and there shall be none to make him afraid.”

He continues:

For happily the Government of the United States gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance, requires only that they who live under its protection should demean themselves as good citizens, in giving it on all occasions their effectual support.1

May the children of the stock of Abraham who dwell in this land continue to merit and enjoy the good will of the other inhabitants—while every one shall sit in safety under his own vine and fig tree and there shall be none to make him afraid.

When he wrote this particular letter in August of 1790, the new President must have been aware of the effect it would have on the fledgling nation. He could not have known the extent of its influence today. The history behind Washington’s Letter not only gives us an understanding of the values of the early colonists and our Founding Fathers, but also insight into two fundamental tenets of American democracy: the separation of church and state, and the right of individuals to believe in and practice their religion.

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The Antichrist Challenge

The X Mass H8rs Blog

At one time you could count on the ministers to tell you this truth.  The video is from 2013 but it is still relevant though some of the leaders have changed. This video was hard to keep up with for my old brain so I muted it and paused it to read the texts. It says that ministers know these things and, at one point, says they are purposely trying to mislead Christians but I wholeheartedly disagree, and believe they are just as duped as most Christians are. I do not endorse this YT channel as I have not enough information about it to do so. I do agree with this video presentation and the scriptures used.

Many will say that the Jews will not accept a “Christian” to be their Messiah and that is true. The pope, whoever he may be at the time, will help the Jews with…

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A Child Dies!

A Child Dies!

KNOWING THE TIME, because what's coming matters

For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb.  I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well. My frame was not hidden from You, when I was made in secret, and skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them.”Psalm 139:13-16.


Former abortion clinic owner Eric Harrah

“My 23rd abortion changed my mind about doing abortions forever. This patient was a little overweight and ultimately proved to be a little farther along than anticipated. This was not an uncommon mistake before ultrasound was readily available to confirm the gestational age. Initially, the abortion proceeded normally. The water broke, but then…

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Prophecy Update!!

Prophecy Update!!

KNOWING THE TIME, because what's coming matters

Here is another great Mid – East Prophecy Report for the week ending September 9, 2018. Pastor J.D. talks about the prophetic significance concerning the seriousness of the situation in Syria.   End Times Prophecy coming true right before our eyes as we move ever closer to the Rapture of the Church.  Maranatha!!! 


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