How Man Rules the World

How God Rules His World

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This teaching series is well worth the listen. Part 2 makes me all the more glad that our Beloved delivered me from the demonic practice of worshiping Him in the same manner as the heathen do their gods, i.e., the Christ Mass and the Easter. Part 3 had me praising our Beloved for delivering me from the spiritual warfare of C. Peter Wagner and such like who rebuke demons after mapping to find out who they are. We surely are wrestling against the powers and the principalities of the air! But we must do it according to God’s holy Word. This series was an eye-opener for me and a great encouragement in my walk with our Beloved Savior and King.

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A Good Perspective for These Times

Warning: blasphemous images of Christ in this video. I don’t like them but the message is a good one.

We must not be a stumbling block to others.

God’s Purpose

He Hath Said

A special post for these days~

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Coronavirus and the Christian

Watching Daily At Wisdom's Gates

I can’t help but comment on the coronavirus. My wife’s family are in lockdown in northern Italy. Prisoners have been rioting and dying in their city.

Italian medics are saying to stop calling it a bad case of the flu- it’s far more infectious and deadly and is overwhelming the hospitals in the north especially.

In a slight exaggeration, a man with a trolley full of toilet roll in the shop I work in described coronavirus as simply a form of flu! I thought, if he’s not worried, why is he panic buying?

The UK government are telling us on the one hand that we don’t need to stockpile, and on the other that we might need to self isolate and socially distance ourselves for weeks on end (or if it gets like Italy for months!). Can we really believe authorities who offer empty reassurances to flooded communities and residents…

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Be Ye Separate from the Base Things of the World

He Hath Said

God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.-John 4:24
Every time any form of worship by procession, celebration, or ceremonial of man’s invention is offered to God, it is offered in defiance of this word of Christ, and cannot and will not be received; however earnest people may be they have violated the imperative canon of God’s Word; and in fighting for rubrics they have gone against the eternal rubric that God as a Spirit must be worshiped in spirit and in truth. ~ C.H. Spurgeon,  –The Sword and the Trowel January 1873

Who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean? No one! – Job 14:4

“As it was with the worship of Israel of old, so it is now with that of the Christian church. The pure becomes alloyed with the base, that which is genuine with that…

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