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The Most Underrated Word of the Bible

The Most Underrated Word of the Bible

The Surpassing Worth

Three little letters that encompass everything. Literally. If you read too fast, you might miss it, robbing yourself of the full glory of its meaning.

Other words get a lot more attention. But for my money, the word all is the most underrated word of the Bible. Used mostly as an adjective, we can easily pass over it on the way to the word it describes. Or we can easily downplay its full extent, not really believing the word all can really mean ALL. 

But the word all and what it means is worth more meditation than we often give it. So next time you’re reading and come across this little word, I encourage you to take a moment to pause and ponder in your heart the fullness, the completeness, and the totality of what it means.

Below are a list of 20 of my favorite all verses in the…

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NAR, Trump and Brownbeck

EngleFTA: Now, under the Trump administration, NAR leaders have gained unprecedented access to the White House, due to their support of him before and since the election. See, for example, this Aug. 4 article from Religion Dispatches, titled “A President ‘Anointed by God’: POTUS Shield and Religious Right’s Affair With Trump.” If Gov. Brownback could get a NAR-originated resolution signed into law, one wonders what other agendas NAR leaders may be able to accomplish with a new president more disposed to cater to them.

Are you waiting until tomorrow to put your faith in Jesus?

Pilgrim’s Progress revisited - Christiana on the narrow way

2 Corinthians 6

We then, as workers together with Him also plead with you not to receive the grace of God in vain. For He says:

“In an acceptable time I have heard you,
And in the day of salvation I have helped you.”

Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.

This is from a sermon by a British preacher, Charles Spurgeon. I modernized the English.


 The great fault of most men is that they put things off until ‘tomorrow’. It’s not that they are determined to be damned, but that they are determined to be saved tomorrow.  It’s not that they reject Christ forever, but that they reject Christ today; and really they might as well reject him forever, as to continue to always reject him “now.” Sinner, let me put your “now” before you as a man, that is…

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Ben Franklin, on Welfare


“I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. In my youth I traveled much, and I observed in different countries, that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.”

Benjamin Franklin, On the Price of Corn and Management of the Poor, November 1766

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“Life! Life! Eternal life!”

John-Bunyan“When a person becomes a Christian, it is no longer a priority to listen to the world. It is no longer a priority to care what the world may think. Everything changes. The world looks completely different. All of the temporal pleasures of this world become less enjoyable because a greater joy has been found. Thus you place your fingers in your ears, for you no longer care about the world’s opinion, and you run like a lunatic crying,  ‘Life! Life! Eternal life!'”

~ John Bunyan 1628-1688

Child Grooming & Abduction – A True Story.

Let this go viral even if you don’t know any parents with children-who you share it with just might.

The Prince Blog

Jim decided to share the story of how his daughter was groomed and abducted by paedophiles, in order to help other children and parents.

“Her mother and I divorced when Lucy was five. Her mother has some serious health issues, so Lucy has lived with me, almost exclusively, for 6 years. We are very close and there is a lot of love, laughter and music in our home. She’s my little Princess.

We live in a small, rural town. It’s quiet and nothing much happens. I thought it was a safe place to raise my little girl.

I don’t want to say what I do or where I work.

I was aware of paedophiles and grooming, obviously, but I never thought it would happen to my little girl.

I thought she was safe here, with me.

I was wrong.

Looking back, I was extremely naive, which is why I’m doing…

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