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22+43Thanks for visiting my blog~

My other blogs~He Hath SaidA Joyous Rejoicing , X Mass H8rs Blog and Proverbial Wisdom (for a chapter of Proverbs a day reading).

Some of the content in this blog may be copyrighted. I claim no copyright on any articles written by others than myself. Please give credit where credit is due when sharing and link to the site(s) I have linked from~thank you~

I make many links and references to Christian and non-christian sites and do not outright endorse any of them unless otherwise noted. You must be the Berean and search for the truth yourself. While I may reference and link to a site that is Christian or not Christian in your estimation, or mine, the information may be something to take note of and may very well be truthful and/or factual.

This website’s background may come from this site: Free Background Textures Library

Here is a link to using WordPress Smilies. Just a hint: leave 3 or more spaces between the last character (letter, number, symbol) before the Smiley and after it. That way it will show up as the emoticon you want.

If you want me to correct any typos on your comments, just ask. I’ll be more than happy to do that for you.   😀  

You may make any personal comments or suggestions in the comment line below-I appreciate your input.   🙂


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