on christian citizenship

Solomon's ledger

It has been suggested by the Christian public that I hold a responsibility as an American citizen to vote in a manner befitting of my faith.  I have yet to distinguish how either of these mainstream options serve this purpose more than the other… of course, I share this tongue-in-cheek, because I know what the lobbyists believe I should do with my vote.  Honestly, I feel like my vote is no one’s business but my own and that society might establish unity if others felt the same way.

The strongest arguments surrounding my “Christian vote” revolve around the selection of Supreme Court justices; perhaps we can soften the blow to our Christian conscience if we see the greater good that can be accomplished through the judicial branch.  I’ve offered this suggestion my due diligence.  In my lifetime, I have experienced 20 years of Republican presidency and 16 years (and Jimmy…

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