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Born Again

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Today’s Update: Drinking From a Dire HoseSince

I can’t do a single thing about what is going on in the halls of power, because the world has gone insane and I haven’t quite figured out how to be a Christian disciple in the middle of it yet, I will tell you about something God is doing in me during this time. My hope is that if you see a bit of yourself in my story, you will seek God’s guidance as well.
About a year ago I started questioning my relationship with news and social media because of a random tide of books and writers that came to my attention….The book tide started with Cal Newport’s Deep Work. I was finding difficulty concentrating on a big writing project. Reading Newport’s history of people deep diving into a…

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Childhood Being Threatened

Children need Protection from Transgender Activists

By Wen Wryte

Transgender ideology is a threat to children, and also to their right to childhood.  Childhood should be a time of innocence and learning to grow into an emotionally well-adjusted, intellectually competent, morally capable adult.  Transgender activists seek to sexualize and politicize children long before puberty, telling them they have a right to transition even though their bodies and minds are not fully-formed, and against their parents‘ objections.

Transgender ideology treats children as if they have the same rights as adults and ignores the fact that they are vulnerable to all kinds of suggestion and manipulation.  This undermines the principle that we should value a child’s protection above all other considerations, protecting children from the negative effects of their own ignorance, impulsiveness, and enthusiasms, and from those adults who may seek to pursue their own interests at the expense of a child’s well-being and welfare.  It amounts to a war on childhood and on responsible parenting. Finish reading here: American Thinker

United Nations Demands for Parents to Respect the ‘Sexual Freedom’ of Their Children

The push to mainstream pedophilia intensifies. Read full article here: Big League Politics

Published 8 hours ago

on Mar 5, 2021

ByShane Trejo

The United Nations (UN) is issuing a directive to parents across the globe that they should respect the “sexual freedom” of their young children.

The Center for Family & Human Rights is shining light on a UN report claiming that “sexual expression” is part of the “interwoven fabric of children’s privacy.”

A Message for the Houseless Soul

quotes and notes and opinions

“Lord, Thou hast been our dwelling-place in all generations.”- Psa 90:1

Some of you despise Christ, my blessed Master. Many of you think sin to be a trifle, and grace to be worthless, heaven to be a vision, and hell to be a fiction. Some of you are careless, and hardened, and thoughtless, without God, and without Christ. Oh! my hearers, I wonder at myself that I should have so little benevolence, that I do not preach more fervently to you. Methinks if I could get a right estimate of your souls’ value that I should speak not as I do now with stammering tongue, but with flaming words. I have great cause to blush at my own slothfulness, though God knows I have striven to preach God’s truth as vehemently as possible, and would spend myself in His service; but I wonder I do not stand in every…

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Way Back in 1959…

Building Antifragile Christian Businesses w/ Gab CEO Andrew Torba

The Evidence Keeps Mounting


Of course, we know that one of the favorite tactics of the Marxists is to accuse their opponents of what they themselves are doing. They tell the lie loud and often, and just as the Nazi propaganda minister Goebbels said, the sheep believe it. As has been apparent from the beginning, the Trump rally on January 6 was infiltrated and turned into a Communist Democrat disinformation ploy. Their planning was better than the Trump supporters and it worked magnificently for their side.

Conservatives have the tendency to believe that if they don’t do anything wrong, people will see their honesty and support them. But it just doesn’t work that way. Once again I must point to Edmond Burke’s statement “There is no safety for honest men, but by believing all evil of evil men, and by acting with promptitude, decision, and steadiness on that belief.” But because we all have…

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Austrian WWII Survivor’s Warning to America Is CHILLING

She says Hitler implemented gun control, nationalized health care and instituted socialism and a universal income. Sound familiar?!