Did John Darby invent the Rapture in 1830?

This video addresses the pre-trib rapture that Christians say is a new teaching by Darby. He did not originate it, however.

The Work of a Missionary Pastor Called to America

FTA: At the start of the formal event, Reverend Jack Stagman, a missionary pastor who came to America from South Africa and provided the “vision” for the day’s festivities, dubbed the attendees “the remnant.” He also described them as “Gideon’s 300,” a reference to the biblical account of the man God used along with 300 men, after whittling down the force from tens of thousands, to smash an enemy army that had come against God’s people.

“You’ve been called by God today, and you’re going to see the multiplication, of what he’s going to do with you guys,” added Rev. Stagman, who gave God credit for the ideas. Stagman, who is now based in Virginia, noted that for 400 years, Americans took the Gospel message to every corner of the world. Today, people like him from the “developing world” are coming to America with the Gospel message, hoping that God will continue to use the United States.   

Over and over again, speakers and pastors pointed to the history of the nation and declared that America is, in fact, a Christian nation. In one of the early speeches, Rev. Craig Johnson explained how America for centuries was absolutely saturated in biblical morality, from the halls of government and education to entertainment and beyond. And yet, today, “demonic entities” and their human collaborators have turned that on its head, he said.


Dear Lord God, Maker of Heaven and Earth, Sovereign over all the nations, bless the work of Your missionaries and turn America back to You. Help Your churches to repent and return to Your holy Word, to obey it and speak it without fear of man, for Your judgement comes to us first. Help Your children to seek after and to strive for holiness- to be holy as You are holy. Give us Your wisdom and strength and a deep desire to do all Your perfect will. And help us, by Your Holy Spirit, to pray for our nation’s repentance. Forgive us our grievous horrible sins against You and Your most holy laws. May we bless You as You have blessed us. Be our nation’s God and Lord once again, for then we shall be blessed. In Your compassionate mercy, and in Jesus’ name, I pray, amen. To God be the glory and praise forever, amen! \o/

Romans 9:16

Romans 9:16 So then it is not of him that willeth (Arminianism/free will), nor of him that runneth (RCC, works righteousness), but of God that sheweth mercy (His election, free grace).

Romans 9

The Reality of Suffering on the Cross by J.C. Ryle

What was a crucifixion? Let us try to realize it, and understand its misery.

The person crucified was laid on his back on a piece of timber, with a cross-piece nailed to it near one end – or on the trunk of a tree with branching arms, which answered the same purpose.

His hands were spread out on the cross-piece, and nails driven through each of them, fastening them to the wood.

His feet in like manner were nailed to the upright part of the cross.

And then, the body having been securely fastened, the cross was raised up, and fixed firmly in the ground.

And there hung the unhappy sufferer until pain and exhaustion brought him to his end – not dying suddenly, for no vital part of him was injured – but enduring the most excruciating agony from his hands and feet, and unable to move.

Such was the death of the cross. Such was the death that Jesus died for us! For six long hours He hung there before a gazing crowd, naked, and bleeding from head to foot – His head pierced with thorns – His back lacerated with scourging – His hands and feet torn with nails – and mocked and reviled by His cruel enemies to the very last.

Let us meditate frequently on these things. Let us often read over the story of Christ’s cross and passion. Let us remember, not least, that all these horrible sufferings were born without a murmur. No word of impatience crossed our Lord’s lips. In His death, no less than in His life, He was perfect. To the very last, Satan found nothing in Him:

John 14:30 I will no longer talk much with you, for the ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing in Me.

Uncompromising Gospel | Leonard Ravenhill

If We Don’t Know…

Concerning Easter…

Long article but very thorough~

FTA: This is a very common theme seen in a bunch of mainstream websites concerning Easter; they simply refuse to be sanctified from the world. There is very little written on the subject from most of the preachers and evangelists I investigated, and they all seem to point back to the same leavened sources that use fallacious arguments in a pathetic attempt to justify their pagan tradition.