PAGAN ASSIMILATION: Justified by ‘Answers in Genesis’?

Biblical Connection

boys dancing Christians and fun seem to go hand in hand today. For the greater part of the past two thousand years, Christians and suffering or death went hand-in-hand. What changed? Christ or His followers?

I must admit I am more aware than ever why the masses of people who claim to follow Christ seem so confused about the basics of Christianity such as cross-bearing, idolatry, refraining from pagan practices, obeying GOD always, and refusing to disobey Him if it “makes sense to them” or the “end justifies the means”.  

Have you wondered why persecution appears to erupt every few generations?  Western believers, who have seen less persecution in recent years, say they love the LORD with their lips, but they assimilate the pagans with their lives. What will it take for them to begin emulating Jesus Christ instead of pagans?

In light of a recent article (found at this…

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