Why Some Christians Do Not Celebrate X Mass

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  FTA: It is argued by some, that Romans 14, and especially in reference to verse 5 justify their celebration of Christmas as a Christian holiday, as long as they are doing it, unto the Lord. But is this not perverting the word of God to justify idolatry? Shall Romans 14:5 nullify II Cor.6:14-7 or  Cor 10:1-11? Have they not taken a verse out of context because of a pre-text? Romans 14:5 is not speaking of pagan practices in its worship of their gods being accepted by God, Romans 14:5 is in the context of a converted Jew who recognized the days and ceremonial laws of eating and drinking as was given him under the law of God. The context is a Jewish believer which was still weak in the faith (v.1) and was still having a problem transitioning over to the new covenant as far as eating any…

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2 thoughts on “Why Some Christians Do Not Celebrate X Mass

    • It certainly is. Oh, that those who say they are Christians would see this! Thankful that God has called us out from her. My, but a missionary who does extensive research on paganism in the churches promoted the selling of his book for X Mass! How close pastors get yet how far away from repentance in this matter!

      God bless you, brother in Christ, amen!

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