“”Now the Spirit speaketh expressly,…”

Born Again

Today’s Update:

What Type of Religion Is Wokeness?

“As we might expect, the Woke, often well educated and articulate, have generated their own convoluted and comprehensive ‘theology’ replete with saints andsinners, priests and heretics, and even their own kind of Heaven and Hell.”

In a few short years something amazing has occurred. Since the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, a whole systematic set of ideas has sweptthrough society and, most dramatically, through virtually all institutions—both public and private. This phenomenon did not appear out of nowhere but represents a kind ofblossoming of ideas and systems already in place. The broad generic term for those most caught up in this movement is Woke.

Wokeness is a revelation that the world is not right and must be radically changed. This involves widespread displays (both personal and institutional) of awareness of social andracial inequities. These displays…

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