AMAZING TESTIMONY: The Salvation of a Roman Catholic Family


Here is a comment that came in on my husband’s YouTube channel about an hour ago!

“Praise Jesus for all the Roman Catholics who have been saved by His grace. I too was Roman Catholic for 47 years. I thought I would die Catholic. Praise the Lord for placing in my path two Christian colleagues who boldly spoke the truth to me and told me that it was unbiblical to worship Mary. At first I too was resistant and proudly mentioned that we Catholics believe in traditions too. It was truly the Holy Spirit convicting me from within that made me feel so foolish in front of my patient Christian colleagues. Imagine how appalled I was when they told me purgatory wasn’t real and to read Luke 16 about Lazarus and the rich man. I thought about the soul of my dead father.
I got saved at 47 years…

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