Scripture and “The Chosen”

This is beyond “artistic license.”

The Word Like Fire

I am the wrong guy for this. My friends, especially in my old church, know how flawed I am. But I ask again, how can we think this….creation….by Dallas Jenkins (the earthly middleman) can in any way bless or help us in our walk?

So much of this is reminiscent of the days when The Shack was tearing through the visible church.

Viewers of The Chosen are ignoring what God thinks. This is an affront to Him. An affront to our Holy God. We think He is just like us… but He is not. (Psalm 50:21)

We have been brought up in a culture drenched in entertainment, and so perhaps we are not troubled with Christ as entertainment. (A false Christ at that). Yet…what if the many people warning about this are right?

The false church is here. We are in a time of rising deception.

AndJesusansweredand saidunto them,Take heedthat…

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