He is Coming!

My $.02

I posted this on my Facebook yesterday. It’s hard to watch or listen to the news these days! It just seems like everything is spinning out of control. For us who know the Lord, this doesn’t surprise us, even though it’s painful and sad to see the darkness of the heart of man displayed openly! And the setup for the Antichrist is coming! They are literally preparing for a one world global government under the Antichrist!!! This is NOT an “end times” movie!! We are seeing it played out!!!

On the one hand, I am crying out “COME LORD JESUS!”, But on the other, I am praying HARD for my family and my friends!!! Either way, we are secure if we know Him, but the urgency is there to tell people that they need to be READY!!! I believe He is coming SOON!!! We MUST PRAY AND SHARE THE GOSPEL!!!…

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