Scary Times and a Keeping God

My $.02

We are living in unprecedented times! It seems as though we are going through one crisis after another, and there is no end in sight! We are at the doorstep of what many believe will be World War 3, we are worried about the gas prices, and we are experiencing the highest inflation in decades here in America.  Many are saying that the supply chain for goods will be further choked by the instability of the Russian situation, which will cause prices to further skyrocket. Wages won’t rise fast enough to match the costs! I read somewhere recently that they are predicting that the average grocery bill may be as high as $1000/month!  Gas prices are at record levels, (California already has over $5/gallon gas!) but projected to rise rapidly, with no end in sight. Prices for goods and services, because of the skyrocketing inflation are expected to rise…

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