“I have lost everything, except I am closer to God now.”

FTA: Contact with the outside world, from legal visits to seeing loved ones is HIGHLY RESTRICTED. After in-person visits, legal or otherwise, we are forced to undergo humiliating STRIP SEARCHES, despite ALL visitors being thoroughly checked for contraband. If it’s a legal visit, we are placed in a 14 day quarantine, with no out of cell time; EVEN IF your attorney is VACCINATED and tests NEGATIVE for Covid. Visits with friends or family members, for unvaccinated inmates, are NEVER ALLOWED.

As a result, many people have skipped critical meetings with their council, and NEVER get an opportunity to see friends or family. VIDEO VISITATION, while available to the rest of the jail, is RESTRICTED in the Jan 6 pod. Mail is delayed for MONTHS, and phone calls are limited to a MAXIMUM of pre approved 12 numbers. If there’s anyone else in our extended family or otherwise we’d like to call, we’re pretty much out of luck.

RELIGIOUS SERVICES, protected by the 1st amendment, are NOT provided to Jan 6ers. Neither are in person classes or other activities available to the rest of the jail. An inmate named Ryan Samsel, instead attempted to organize his own bible study inside the pod, until he was viciously BEATEN and LEFT FOR DEAD by correctional officers. He suffered a broken eye socket and brain damage as a result of the vicious attack. He’s now permanently blind in one eye. On another occasion, Scott Fairlamb was confronted by an officer in the middle of the night, and his life was threatened, once the officer’s body cam was disabled. Many, like myself, are afraid they could be the next victim...

3 thoughts on ““I have lost everything, except I am closer to God now.”

  1. That’s a terrible situation he’s in.

    I’ll pray for him.

    his story should be a lesson for everyone, a reminder to all of us the consequences of engaging the system of antichrist.

    Democrats, Trump, patriotism, all of it are tentacles of the antichrist operating-system. you can’t play in that den of vipers and expect good things to happen to you.

    Let this man’s experience be a reminder to every Christian that governmental reform was never something that God’s word instructs us to engage in.

    All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ, and no glory to us whatsoever!


  2. I agree! Although I believe our Beloved would have us be good stewards of the nation He placed us in through voting and prayer so that our nation would be a peaceable place for Christians to worship God which, in turn, blesses the nation. Sadly, I see many Christians committing political idolatry. Like you said, government reform was never something God instructed us to engage in, but I think you will agree that the reformation of people’s souls to Christ is the way to see governmental reform where we have servant leaders for the people instead of ungodly tyrants oppressing the people. I cannot pledge my allegiance to the flag of the US but do pledge allegiance to our God, the only true God who rules over all of the nations; who raises them up and brings them down. I believe, also, that, as a nation, we need to bless God. I cringe when I hear “God bless America!” He has been doing that all along and we have not blessed Him as we ought for it.

    Have a blessed day, precious brother, amen!

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