If you get vaccinated…

Born Again

…that is your choice. If you don’t get vaccinated that’s your choice.

The NFL is threatening penalties against their unvaccinated players if they cause Covid outbreaks 😳

First of all you can still get Covid even with the vaccine -how are they going to know where it came from to begin with? What if it came from one that was vaccinated?

I knew this was going to happen at some point. I wasn’t thinking of the NFL I was a thinking as a parent. I told my husband if we choose not to vaccinate our two 18 year old boys with Down Syndrome (and one of those boys had OPEN heart surgery at 5 months old) and they get really sick are we going to go to jail?

How come people can blatantly beat the elderly and steal from them, walk into stores and walk out with a cache of…

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