Prayer for Peace

LORD God, who hast reconciled the whole world to Thyself through Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, I beseech Thee in Thy divine grace to bring about a better understanding amongst the people of the earth. Open the eyes of those who direct the affairs of the nations to see the folly and wickedness of war. Our transgressions and indifference toward Thee have sent Thy judgements upon the peoples of the earth. Make us a repentant people who turn with all our heart to Thee and confess Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. No matter what color we may be Thou hast redeemed us through Thy Son. Grant to all Thy believers that they may enjoy national peace wherever they live. Comfort the many families of Thy universal Church who are sorrowing, suffering, hungering. Help them out of their distress, and above all keep them steadfast in the faith. Give them strength and courage to endure amid wars. Establish peace among the peoples of the earth. Watch today over all Thy faithful children. Keep alive in us the hope of everlasting glory., where all the enemies of Thy Son shall be made His footstool and we live and reign with Him forever and ever. Amen.

taken from The Lutheran Book of Prayer, 1951

Your thoughts?

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