A Prayer for the Unemployed

Heavenly Father, I entreat Thine aid and encouragement in these days of unemployment. I beseech Thee to give us a fuller measure of faith in the promises of Thy Word. Grant that we may live trustingly one day at a time, knowing that You will not fail us. Even the little we receive we accept with grateful hearts. Protect us from the dangers of enforced idleness, unnecessary worry, and sleepless nights. Restore to our community and land normal conditions that we all may find the necessary employment. Root out greed, selfishness, and all other social distress in human society. Grant success, earnestness, sobriety, and skill to those who are employed. Heavenly Father, Thou hast blessed man’s labors, and even Thy Son dwelt in a workman’s home and toiled in the carpenter shop and hallowed the simple duties of life. I pray Thee, satisfy the hungry with bread, and open Thy hands to give us our daily bread. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

taken from The Lutheran Book of Prayer, 1951

Your thoughts?

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