Prayer for Our Nation’s Lawmakers

From the Lutheran Book of Prayer, 1951:

Heavenly Father, as a citizen of our Commonwealth I intercede with Thee for our Represenatives in Government. Thou hast established in our midst law-making powers dedicated to the upholding of order and liberty. I beseech Thee, bless and preserve our form of government in State and nation. Grant that our legislators may ever be mindful of the welfare of all their constituants. Grant that they be guided to serve unselfishly the common good of all the people. Preserve them from all double-dealing, pettiness, and self-seeking. Protect, I beseech Thee, those liberties of rule by representation which are the cornerstone of our Government. Teach us Christians the grace to use our freedom to proclaim Thy Word and use each and every opportunity to serve our fellow men. May we give proof of our gratitude in seeking the welfare of our State, in using our privileges of ballot and freedom of press and speech for the improvement of our own community and our entire nation. These blessings grant us, dear Lord for Jesus’ sake. Amen

Your thoughts?

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