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Born Again

This post is written for the love of God’s truth- and for my blogging sisters and brothers-no debates will be had. ❤️

I am not out to convict anyone-as it was the Lord that convicted me of my HUGE December 25th “celebration” no one else. I believe that has to happen to each individual to understand where I believe the Good Lord has led me . I’m not out to personally judge anyone that can celebrate December 25th with a clear conscience. I DO expect the same treatment. ❤️🙏🏻

When the Good Lord dropped the veil from in front of my eyes and brought me out of the practice of **Roman Catholicism many questions were placed upon my heart through His Holy Spirit. One of those being the celebration as The Messiah’s (God’s Only Begotten Son) birthday. My go to place for finding those answers were (and still ARE) His…

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A Great American – Walter Williams

“Democracy and liberty are not the same. Democracy is little more than mob rule, while liberty refers to the sovereignty of the individual.”
― Walter E. Williams

quotes of Walter William