John Calvin on Calvinists

Matt Boga

I remember the first time I fully explained the Doctrines of Grace to my parents I told them that I was a “Calvinist.” The response I got will always stick with me. One of my parents (I can’t remember which) then said, “Wait, so you’re not a Christian?” Their tone was one of deep concern and confusion, directed not at the doctrines I explained but at the title I gave myself. I was likewise thrown off by their response because what I had just explained, as I see it, is part of the very heart of the Christian gospel. At the time, and in my mind, what I had just explained to them was a glimpse of my heartfelt passion for my Christianity and nothing else. It’s all of this confusion (my parents and my own) that John Calvin himself likely wouldn’t have wanted surrounding his name. In his book, Institutes…

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