My views on abortion

My mother told me when I was 12 and abortion became legal that had it been legal when she got pregnant with my brother and I she would have had one. She also thought it a good saying, I brought you into the world I can take you out of it! She nearly did when she hired her lover to shoot me dead-turns out I knew the woman and she confessed to me my mother’s intention even showing me the gun she bought for the job.

All children are a blessing from God. Let’s never despise the gifts we receive no matter how they come to us.

A Blog About Healing From PTSD

I have been silent on this issue because I know that my personal history makes it hard for me to be objective. I have also been silent because I don’t like to offend people. But I believe that if I share my somewhat unusual perspective on the abortion issue, it may make a difference in someone’s decision. So for this reason, I have decided to break my silence.

People keep talking about the word “choice.” They’re talking about a woman’s “right to choose.” Especially in the case of rape. How terrible is it to force a woman impregnated by rape, to carry that baby full term, and force her to give birth? Doesn’t this make her a victim all over again?

I have been raped. I was fifteen. I was drugged, raped, and nearly murdered in the process. Literally, I almost died. Two nurses found me without a pulse. My…

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