Arrests and Torture as China Wages War on Christians

I started out in tearful intercession for the persecuted Church and then listened to his sermon… tearful joy! \o/ Father, bless Your persecuted children with Your Holy Spirit and power to be faithful in their witness of Your Son, Jesus Christ, amen! Let revival come to his city! \o/


The Chinese government has implemented a crack down on the Church not seen since Mao began his war against Christians in 1949. More Chinese Christians were arrested during the Christmas season. Chinese authorities continue to raid and close churches, arrest unregistered church members, pressure them withround-the-clock surveillance and the threat of detainment. Pastors like Wang Yi of Early Rain Covenant Church are encouraging their congregations to stand strong and to prepare for much greater hardships. See video sermons (below) given by Pastor Wang Yi to his church members before his arrest. Be encouraged in your own faith as well in your prayers for our brothers and sisters in China.

On December 9th, 2018, authorities arrested more than 100 members and leaders of Early Rain Covenant Church, including Pastor Wang Yi as we reported here. He and his wife have been charged with “inciting to subvert state power.”

Three church…

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