The Truth about the First Thanksgiving

Looking for the Blessed Hope

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On Thursday, America will celebrate Thanksgiving.  It seems to have transformed from a season of family and fellowship to a weekend of football and a fanatical “spendfest” in pursuit of the greatest Black Friday deals.  In other words, other than perhaps a few moments of reflection about the material things for which we are thankful, I wonder if we have lost the true meaning of Thanksgiving.  Over the next three days, I hope to encourage us all to celebrate in a manner worthy of the object of celebration!

To begin our 3-day journey, let’s focus our attention today on
the true meaning of this divinely inspired time of thanks and celebration. Tomorrow and Thursday, we will examine the
connection between the Jewish feast of Sukkot and Thanksgiving, a Biblical
mandate to give thanks, and a suggestion or two about how to refresh our
Thanksgiving celebrations.

But today, consider this:


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