Al Qaeda Says CA Fires Are Allah’s Intervention: Wondering How Much Human Help “allah” Had

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

I can’t get the picture out of my mind of the Palestinians using flaming kites to attempt to start wild fires in Israel. It’s cheap and many times highly effective.

Last year, a Muslim Jihadist was arrested in CA for starting one of their fires.

Don’t expect to see anything about the possibility of Islamist terrorism in the media.

It’s certainly not politically correct to to even question whether the fires may have been started by Muslim terrorists.  But I’m not one to put my head in the sand, and I am DEFINITELY not politically correct in any way!

When those Santa Anna winds begin to blow, it only takes a small fire to become a killer monster inferno.  We’ve watched it for over a week.

It is tragic.

I must say that I have been shocked at some comments by Christians on Facebook. People have said “I wish the…

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