KNOWING THE TIME, because what's coming matters

These words are not common anymore.

We tend to prefer more palatable alternatives like brokenness. Addictions. Mistakes. Errors. Regrets. Idolatry.

The numbing of our vocabulary around sin and evil has been accompanied by numbed attitudes.

As we have become less angry, less sad, less sensitive and less concerned about sin, so we have preferred to sanitise its image.

But scripture is so clear. To be gripped by the gravity of sin and evil is a non-negotiable hallmark of the touch of God on a person’s life.

There are no exceptions.

Isaiah’s encounter with God is a vivid example. Having received a revelation of God, he quickly received a revelation of himself. In fact, he suddenly (perhaps for the first time), had a realistic view of himself.

For a prophet to say “woe is me” is no small thing. “Woe” was his way of pronouncing God’s sentence of damnation…

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