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“The Shelf Behind The Door”

When first I came to Jesus
With my load of guilt and sin
I asked Him to forgive me
And He freely took me in
He cleansed my soul from idols
And filled my heart with joy
And gives me peace and happiness
Old Satan can’t destroy

The shelf behind the door
The shelf behind the door
Tear it down, throw it out
Don’t use it any more
For Jesus wants His temple clean
From ceiling to the floor
He even wants the corners clean
Just in behind the door

There’s many people of today
Profess to love the Lord
They say, their doing all His will
And trusting in the Word
But yet their always grumbling
Do you know the reason why?
Tis, because they have some idols
That they’re keeping on the sly

Some love the filthy weed, you know
And some the…

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