~ Special Needs ~ A Rambling~

A wonderful observation…a great life lesson


As many of you may know we have been blessed with two special needs children.

I am starting to wonder if they are NOT special needs…maybe we that are “normal” in the eyes of society are the special needs ones.

I went bowling with them yesterday with there group of “special needs” friends.

We are blessed by the many young adults from our local high schools and colleges that help out with this group-you can see God’s love shining through these young adults-even though some may at this time think it is their own!

These special needs children & adults are SO full of love-brings tears to my eyes thinking about it!

They get excited over knocking one bowling pin down with assistance~ we “normals” don’t usaually  want to be helped! Is it vanity? pride?

They have not a care in the world~

They don’t care what they look like~…

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