Time to Light a Little Fire

New Hope for Dry Bones

Every day, someone tries to convince me of something. I’m bombarded with sales pitches for political candidates, ads smearing another person’s integrity, reasons why the toilet paper a baby cartoon bear uses is the best choice for me.

Even though many of these things makes my blood temperature rise to the boiling point, still, and I really hate to admit it, I am convinced either knowingly or on some other subliminal level. The methods of convincing someone of something being truth are finely honed down through the centuries and they work. That’s why there are billions of dollars spent convincing people every single year.

It is a good thing for me to occasionally sit down and toss what I believe into the fire of scrutiny and see what I have left from time to time.

Has the manipulation of others caused me to draw my gaze to the short-sighted…

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