Christ’s Divine Person is Revealed Only in One Human Body

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Christians reason within themselves that since God became a man in the person of Christ, a picture of Jesus is but an image of an image.  Their rationalization is that the Incarnation is justification, if not authorization, for us to depict Christ in human form.  They argue further that no portrait can display a man’s soul, thus Christ’s body can be legitimately pictured distinct from His Divinity.  Poor deluded Christians, unwilling to sever the last vestiges of carnal thinking, averse to bringing “every thought to the obedience of Christ.”  Amongst humanity, Christ remains unique.  Any attempt to represent this uniqueness in human form (an achievement that God alone could do in the Incarnation) destroys it.  The multiplicity of depictions with various facial features, hues and expressions, denies it.  A man has but one nature, and thus he can be legitimately portrayed with no offense to what he is, but not…

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5 thoughts on “Christ’s Divine Person is Revealed Only in One Human Body

    • He surely did. I’m glad you posted it – if I recall correctly, it was a timely post as I was dealing with a brother on the issue of profane images of Jesus. The Roman Catholics will say there is nothing wrong with these images because the scriptures talk about Moses making images of cherubs on the curtains, etc. But! The vast difference is that God gave the instructions of what those images were to look like! He has yet to give any instructions to man of what Jesus looked like when He was on earth after His incarnation. We have only one description of our Beloved given by God and that is found in the book of Revelation chapter 1. Hmmm…I wonder why we do not have myriads of that image?

      Have a blessed day!

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