The Abortion Matrix

Images of “Jesus” in this video as well as sun god worship icons. The message is important, however.


5 thoughts on “The Abortion Matrix

  1. I see that false prophet (NAR) Lou Engle is in this video series. He believes the mantle of Billy Graham will fall on him… 🙄
    Still, this is a very good educational series about child sacrifice and abortion. Just be aware…

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  2. See A Young Woman, Getting Rape, Didn’t Ask For It, And Suffer Deeply, Want To Get Rid Of It, Has A Part Of Her Own Healing And Not Add To It….Recover Of OWN Desacred Body. And Here Come All The Good Christian Exalt The Young Woman With Guilt, Imprisoned In Her Nightmares. Well There Is A Good Chance She Take Her Own Life… Who Are The Muderer Now ? Were Is Compassion And The Freedom ? That’s Love,, Not A Law That You HAVE To Follow, Remember The Donkey On Shabbat, Maria Magdalena, Matthew…The Answerd Lay In Love…HIS Love.
    God Bless You…

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    • I don’t know of any Christians who would condemn a woman for having had an abortion but rather would show her where true healing and forgiveness lie-that is in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In this series is a testimony of a woman who was confronted with her sin and she was shown the Lord’s grace and mercy for her broken and repentant heart. Now she ministers to women who have had abortions. That a woman would contemplate suicide shows just how awful on her mental well-being an abortion is…unless she is a Wiccan and/or has a seared conscience.

      God bless you, precious Brother, Swiss!

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  3. Fake news? Really?

    Podesta’s emails say otherwise. Why the peodophilia jargon? Oh, I know! The Russians did it! For years…and Weiner wanted his emails, too. Why? Child sex rings are very real and we owe it to the children to bring it to the fore. God help us! This X Mass season is the high holy day for child sacrifices. Its an evil of the most debased kind.


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