Reblog from “My Blog”..  who is he?  not a clue. GOOD WORD


​This is a reblog I found on FB. He calls his blog, “My Blog”. I know not who he is, but I wish I thought and wrote as clear and concisely as he.

I believe we must move in this direction if we want a relevant, caring, growing body.


The church MUST change and change now!

The church has chosen to follow the world. The Anabaptist did it in the 1700’s when they copied and adopted as their form of church government the prototype government set up by the 13 Colonies.

Today we have chosen to copy the world again. How?

“Worship” has turned into entertainment as we have copied Madonna.

We now have targeted audiences like major incorporations. This is not biblical and guarantees that we will exclude more than include

We are stuck in our dead traditions. I see the church of the future meeting on many…

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