Trump is Our President!


5 thoughts on “Trump is Our President!

  1. We shall see if Hillary Clinton gets investigated and charged…

    I pray for President Trump to find favor with Congress to accomplish all that he has said he will do for America. And may God’s hedge of protection surround him all the days of his life as he does God’s will for America and in the world.

    God has been blessing America with His mercy and grace despite the judgement due us for murdering the innocent. Praise be to God for staying His hand for a little longer. \o/ May we bless Him by walking in repentance and removing from our midst our idols. We need to be very cautious because prosperity can make us forget our God.

    And, we need to be discerning where all these “christian prophets” are concerned who said Trump would win because they saw it in their dreams or visions. They will prey on the undiscerning to make them followers of another Jesus due to their elitist, self-centered boasting (look at me! God spoke to me in a dream/vision that this would come about! I’m special so follow me and my god). Especially avoid those who used Cyrus and Isaiah 45 as their confirmation-they used omens and witchcraft for their conclusion. Be sure the ones you look up to are following the biblical Jesus Christ.

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  2. My husband just popped his head in the office and asked if I had heard about the protests. “Yes, I have, luvbug!” ” Why are they doing it? just because Trump’s been elected?” he asks. So I explained my theory to him:

    These kids and adult children are believing the lies about Trump that they’ve heard from the Clinton News Network and other liberal left thinking medias. They cannot discern when they are being demagogued. They don’t even know that these false narratives being fed into their minds should be checked out for facts. We grew up learning how to think critically and being told not to believe everything we hear. These kids have been taught to express their feelings and emotions. And this is what happens when they believe lies as truth-it makes them act out emotionally instead of rationally. All because they have been played by the power-hungry elites…

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    • Just watched these – glad I did. Today I got down because of reading blogposts by sincere Christians who believe it was wrong to vote for either candidate. This disturbed me. And then on FB, many of our family here and overseas are appalled at President Elect Trump’s victory. I just have to trust the Lord that I was trying to do his will when voting, and voting for Mr. Trump.

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