The Rise Of The One World Religion

It’s not about doctrine but about God’s glory~ Pope Francis

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2 thoughts on “The Rise Of The One World Religion

  1. In this video, Amir Tsarfati says that the Pope will be the false prophet. I’ve often wondered if that were not a better position in this unholy trinity. My position, though not set in stone, is that the Pope is the Antichrist who becomes the World Leader. Even today world leaders look up to him-they always seek an audience with him and he always seeks to counsel them. The false prophet would be a prominent cardinal-the Cardinal of cardinals, so to speak. One who prophesies of the Pope’s greatness, etc.

    I liked why he said that the Antichrist will not be from Islam-because no one will accept him, especially the Jews.


  2. FTA: Climate change was another major theme, and the Climate Plenary started with a multi-faith children’s choir followed by opening words from Marc Barasch, founder of the Green World Campaign: “We’re here today to explore the connection between the life of the spirit and the fate of the Earth… We stand as one people under the same Tree of Life… and we are seeking, each in our own way, to harmonize a profound sense of oneness and wonder with the urgency of our times, so that Tree will continue to flourish.”

    Karenna Gore, the Director of the Center for Earth Ethics at Union Theological Seminary and daughter to Al Gore, was the Climate Plenary moderator. Her father . . . sent a special video message to those in attendance, reminding us that Pope Francis had earlier called on global action to “solve the climate crisis.”

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