The Nature and Danger of Contemporary Idolatry

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This sermon by Bob DeWaay explains why the second commandment prohibits images for use in worship. God speaks authoritative words through His ordained spokespersons. Pagans create images to represent their deities but God’s people may not do so. Those who do are idolaters. The “host of heaven” are not merely stars and constellations, but spiritual beings under which God put the pagan nations. God’s people are to be directly under Yahweh.

He does not distinguish between God’s instructions to man for the making of certain images in the tabernacle and the brazen serpent and man’s own inspiration in making images of “Jesus.” My view is that one is practicing idolatry when they bow their heads in prayer to an image of “Jesus” that was created by man which he teaches on at about 38 minutes in, i.e., mental images .

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