The Blasphemous Roman Catholic Mass

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Paul Flynn interviews Richard Bennett, a former Roman Catholic priest~

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21 thoughts on “The Blasphemous Roman Catholic Mass

  1. I wonder. Have not seen you at my blog for awhile. Was it because I wrote this?

    I think the guys who did this video are well-intentioned, but I think they are overdoing it. Keep in mind I think the doctrine of transubstantiation (what the Catholic Mass is supposedly all about) has little Biblical support. I also tend to think the Catholic priesthood has taken too much authority upon itself. To some extent, I think the Catholic priesthood (over the centuries) has succumbed to the temptation to interpret portions of the Biblical text so as to justify itself instead of Jesus.

    Catholicism has too many sacraments and rituals that require a priest. Instead of being satisfied with shepherding their flocks, I believe the Catholic priesthood has created sacraments and ritual that neither Jesus nor the apostles would have thought necessary. In addition, there is Papal infallibility and other such nonsense. However, the most important issue is probably the conflict between Catholics and Protestants over whether we are justified by faith. Catholics teach that we are justified by faith (, but they insist those sacraments (performed by the priests) matter.

    Anyway, is this an argument over what the Apostle Paul would have called essential doctrine or a doubtful thing (Romans 1)? Apparently, some Protestants think Catholics violate essential Christian doctrine. I am not certain that is so, but some aspects of Catholic doctrine bother me. So instead of being a Catholic, I have joined a church where I feel more comfortable with the doctrine. As to how much Catholics err, that is ultimately God’s call.

    Consider that big discussion about Christ being a “victim.” It illustrates how easily we can blow things out of proportion.

    Remember what John The Baptist called Jesus Christ.

    John 1:29 English Standard Version (ESV)

    29 The next day he saw Jesus coming toward him, and said, “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!

    Jesus Christ was both a willing lamb and the Lion of Judah. That is, Jesus chose to be a lamb or a victim. It is just a matter of semantics, hardly anything to get excited about.

    Anyway, when they celebrate Mass, Catholics praise God as best they know how to do so. Catholics may not praise God exactly as they should, but do any of us? Of course not. Then what is the point of calling what Catholics do blasphemy? Should we point the finger or just grateful we think we understand the Bible better?

    Do I have a solution for any of this? No. I don’t have any idea how all of Christianity’s various sects could be brought together. Jesus will do that, not me.

    Meanwhile, I think it best to avoid language which unnecessarily raises people’s blood pressure. There is nothing wrong with seriously considering the simple fact that Hebrews explicitly says that Jesus only died once for our sins, but the fact Catholics believe in doctrine of transubstantiation does not make the Catholic Mass blasphemy. Jesus said to “do this in memory of me,” and even with errors the Catholic Mass does do what Jesus said Christians should do.


    • Its blasphemy because it is witchcraft and superstition-superstition is anything done to add to, or pervert, God’s Word in worship of Him. Listen, we sin against God and Catholics if we do not exhort them in this matter. Lukewarmness doesn’t cut it. We must never love anyone to hell when we know better. No, no one is perfect but that doesn’t give us an excuse to keep quiet about the truth. God will require it at our hands because He knows we knew and said nothing.

      The title is theirs, not mine. Truth offends to reveal the condition of the heart. Besides, no matter the title, it is the Holy Spirit who will convict.

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    • On your post-no, I had not read it. You said this, however, and it disturbs me:

      To aid us in our quest for salvation…

      We do not strive for salvation. Its all of God, none of us. I hope I misunderstood.

      I did not know you were older than me-please forgive me for my “rebuke.”

      ~God bless you~

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      • Language is a funny, confusing thing.

        We do not strive for salvation. It all of God, none of us.

        That is true. And yet still we must strive for salvation. Although we can produce no works worthy of salvation, we still must strive.

        We must strive for the humility to accept Jesus as our savior. That is the point of commemorating the Last Supper. Here we remind ourselves of His sacrifice, one none of us is fit to make even on our own behalf. Jesus, however, could make that sacrifice on behalf of the whole world, and He did.

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    • Citizen Tom, excuse this intrusion by a former Catholic but you’ve misunderstood what Catholics teach about the Mass, that it is in truth a sacrifice again of Christ, an unbloody sacrifice that participates in the original sacrifice on the Cross; that the priest has the power to offer his victim Christ again and again; that is, that they teach that the priest has the power to call Christ down from Heaven when he consecrates the host. The bread then becomes not only the body and blood of Jesus Christ but His soul and Divinity also. This is a more complete understanding of Mass and Transubstantiation. They literally call down their god, eat and purge him. Blasphemy.

      Please let’s not worry about blood pressure but what is factual and true.

      All Bible Christians from early times through the Reformation and then after the Reformation saw in Rome the seat of Antichrist, the Papacy. The son of perdition showing himself as God in the Temple of God (in the New Testament the body of believers). These Christians were hunted down and killed because they refused to participate in Mass and affirm Transubstantiation – that the host is God. Are we better than they were? Don’t they watch from Heaven? Haven’t they prayed to the Lord to avenge them? (See Revelation 6:9-11)

      You are too tolerant of evil, mistaking it for errors anyone might make when these are life and death matters.

      Forgive me for being blunt but this is important – you need to grasp these things or back away from discussing them and adding to the general misinformation.


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      • I made a couple minor edits, Maria-one was to a misspelled word and the other was to give the chapter and verse of the Revelation passage you referred to. I know Tom knows where it is at but wanted to put it in there for other readers. Thank you for your comment-you know better about these things than I. God bless you! \o/

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      • Maria

        I thank your for your criticism. I realize it is well-intentioned.

        I was raised as a Catholic, and I went to church regularly until I was 18. That doesn’t make me an expert on Catholic theology, but I understand each Mass is supposed to be an actual sacrifice of our Lord. After reading Hebrews 9:23-28, I also understand that the priests have corrupted what Christ told us to do in remembrance of His sacrifice for us. I believe what the priests do during the Mass teaches and perpetuates bad doctrine.

        Why does the Catholic Church continue to teach such foolishness? I don’t know. They say we need the Holy Spirit to read the Bible, but I suspect most of what the Holy Spirit does involves removing the blinders we place upon ourselves. Thus, I suspect most of the priests are just ignorant, perhaps willfully, but only God knows.

        Is the Catholic Church evil? There have most certainly been Catholics, including priests, who have done much evil, but again I say God is their judge, not me.

        Is the pope the Anti-Christ or one of the anti-christs? I don’t know; I just think it gross hyperbole to label the Catholic Church that way. Does Revelation name the Anti-Christ? I think not.

        During the Protestant Reformation, fanatics on both sides killed much of the population of Europe. Evil men, using the conflict for their own purpose killed more. Meanwhile, there was much finger-pointing and very little rational discussion. I suspect the main reason the wars ended is that people wore themselves out. Tired, they finally stop to pray for the dead and living. They opened their Bible, and they read them. Slowly, it dawned upon them. The Holy Spirit opened their eyes. Their hearts perceived a bit of truth. They could not find anything in the Bible that excused so much anger for so little cause.

        When someone eats a Eucharist and honestly believes that this is what Jesus wants — if it causes that soul to reflect upon Jesus and praise Him — is Jesus angered or is He pleased. Does Jesus worry more about the purity of our hearts or the purity of our doctrine? In which of us is our doctrine pure? And our hearts? May our Lord have mercy upon mine.

        I don’t know how many different Christian sects exist, but I have heard the number 30,000 floated about. An exaggeration? Perhaps. Nevertheless, whatever the number might be it is substantial and so are the doctrinal differences. Therefore, I think it dangerous to assume “our church” is the only church that teaches the Word perfectly. Is not pride the sin that destroyed Satan? Is not Jesus the only man who not sin? We can pray. We can study our Bibles carefully. We ask the Holy Spirit to give us understanding and wisdom, but we cannot be perfect. Is it not the wise who know how little they know?

        So what would I consider evil, evil I could not tolerate? When one person violates another’s rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, that I find intolerable. That evil soul prevents those he victimizes from learning about and worshiping our Lord in their own way.

        Consider your complaint about the Catholic Church, the people hunted down and killed because they refused to participate in the Mass and affirm Transubstantiation. That happened centuries ago, and yet it still maddens you. I feel much the same way, but the people who committed those crimes died long ago. Foolish though Catholics may be, they are no longer foolish enough to spread their faith by force. Hopefully, with the grace of the Holy Spirit we can restrain our passions too.

        Like our Lord Jesus, we must pray for and strive for both grace and truth.

        Again, I thank you.

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  2. FTA: The Scripture forbids the worshipping of God by images, although they may not be intended as proper similitudes, but only as emblematic representations of God. Every visible form which is designed to recall God to our thoughts, and to excite our devotions, and before which we perform our religious offices, is expressly prohibited in the second commandment.—Exod. xx.4. The Church of Rome, being sensible that this precept condemns their doctrine and practice, makes it an appendage to the first commandment, and leaves it out in their catechism and books of devotion. In the third place, our Confession not only condemns the worshipping of God by images, but also the worshipping him “in any other way not prescribed in the Holy Scripture.” Not only has the Church of Rome corrupted the worship of God by a multitude of insignificant ceremonies, but even some Protestant Churches retain many of the usages of Popery, and enjoin the wearing of particular vestments by the ministers of religion, the observation of numerous festival days, the erection of altars in churches, the sign of the cross in baptism, bowing at the name of Jesus, and kneeling at the Lord’s Supper. These practices we justly reckon superstitious, because there is no scriptural warrant for them, and they are the inventions of men. It were well if those who enjoin and those who observe them would consider the words of God concerning the Jews: “In vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.” – Matt. xv. 9.”

    Deconstructing Krismass

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    • An interesting comparison to be made here: The Doctrine of the New Eve- Mary, mother of Jesus, her Son, is called the New Eve. Just as Jesus is the Last Adam, Mary is the New Eve-does this sound like a perverse marriage, the mother being married to her own son? Does it not go back to Tammuz, the false messiah, being married to his mother, Semiramis? Tammuz is the father of all sun-god worship since, as the tale goes, he was conceived by a sun ray. And this is the birth that many celebrate at X Mass on the sun-god’s birth of December 25th, as the fable so asserts.

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