Not a Biblical Observance


13 thoughts on “Not a Biblical Observance

  1. It is human nature. If something is fun and traditional, we keep it. And we certainly need something to celebrated during the cold of winter. Not all of them are like this one.

    The issue is whether we will once again teach the Bible. We need to keep pagan traditions from supplanting Christian teachings as Christian teachings once supplanted pagan teachings. We need to start supplanting those pagan traditions again.

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!


    • Citizen Tom, I see your comments but have not the time now to respond to you. I will say I do not celebrate the Christ Mass because it involves many traditions from paganism and because there is little difference between how the Wiccans, today’s pagans, do their Yuletide celebrations and how the Christians celebrate their Christ Mass, We are not to have even the appearance of evil. The traditions of the tree, the wreath and other greenery goes back to before Christ was even born. God tells us not to do as the heathen do in worship of Him. Another reason we should not celebrate X Mass is because it is an invention of man and God has not ordained it. If He was angry with Israel and Judah for their incorporating of idolatry why do we dare to incorporate the same in our worship of Him through this pagan/papist “birthday” celebration which is put upon the same day as all of the false gods. Tom, to say “Merry Christ-mas” is to say, “Merry recrucifying and dying of Christ!” Is that really supposed to be merry to Christians?

      Have a wonderful new year and may God always bless you in all that you do for His Kingdom, by His power and for His glory! amen!

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      • Well, since it would be wrong to do so, I have no interest in persuading you either to celebrate or like Christmas. I would just observe that whether or not we sin depends upon what we have in mind, not what an observer thinks of what we are doing.

        When someone greets you with a “Merry Christmas,” I can now understand why you might cringe. However, and I can only speak for myself, when I say “Merry Christmas” what I am thinking of is John 3:16.

        God’s love is worthy of joy — even celebration — albeit we should always remember Jesus did that showed His love for us. We should always remember what our sins cost our Lord and strive to sin no more.


        • Tom, please understand that commandments are being broken in your celebration and that it only matters what God thinks, not what we think. I thank God daily for the gift of His Son and thank our Lord Jesus for His sacrifice on the cross and His resurrection and with joy! I do not need nor want to celebrate X Mass since God hates that man-made “holy” day and calls it vain worship. He calls it will-worship. I pray that God will open your eyes to the truth of what He has to say about it. Because that is the only thing that matters in the end.

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          • Sherry

            I don’t take Christmas or any other holy days seriously, but I thank you for your prayers. I certainly need them.

            I doubt we differ by much. I think we can read the Bible and make a good case for Sunday church services, but that is about it. Where we differ is over whether certain things deserve our condemnation. Since I have been such a fool, I tend to insist one thing. I try to get people to read the Bible. Where the text is utterly clear, I encourage those who have accepted Christ to do what the Bible says. Therefore, I take a stand against breaking any of the Ten Commandments, for example.

            What is the solution for most of the problems we have discussed here? I don’t really have the answer, but I do think that when people read the Bible and the Holy Spirit gives them a heart to know the truth, they will find answers.

            Effectively, we do the same thing. When people celebrate Christmas and put the emphasis on Santa Claus, we try to remind them that Santa Claus isn’t in the Bible, but Jesus is.

            May our Lord bless you and keep you.


        • Tom, I believe in Sunday worship-that can be found in Scriptures. What is in Scriptures concerning the X Mass tree and an unordained man-made “holy” day concerns Baal worship, that thing which God hates. The Christ Mass “holy” day is an abomination to God because it is doing as the heathen do in worship of Him. Today’s Wiccan and the Christian look no different in their “holy” day decor-but the Wiccans use those traditions from back in the days of the Druids. long before Christians even dreamt of putting up a tree in their home. This is NOT an issue of debate but an issue of truth and we are to worship God in spirit and in truth. Putting Christ’s birthday on the same day as all other false gods is making Him the same as they are since we have no idea of when He was born. This was done to appease the pagans by the Church of Rome which then became the Christo-pagan Roman Catholic Church-a perversion of true Christianity and pure worship.

          Any man-made “holy” day is condemnable even by God. He dealt severely with Israel and Judah for their golden calves-an incorporating of the things of false gods in their worship of the true God. God doesn’t care if we bow down to the tree or not, He does not want us using it to commemorate His Son’s birth since every false god incorporates the tree, decorated and inside their homes. See Deuteronomy 12:29-32. Here is a post that has scriptures in it for more on God’s estimation of the vain and abominable “holy” day:

          Many scriptures are in the comment line. Defending X Mass itself is idolatry since it is defending a lie. God doesn’t honor lies or disobedience. At least one commandment is broken-the 2nd. Santa is in the Bible but I leave that for you to discover. Yes, the Holy Spirit teaches us and if we ask God to reveal the lies we are believing to be truth, He will. Remember, though, He does send people to warn them if they are in error. Just because the Holy Spirit teaches us it does not mean we need no one to show us in His Word the truth. Paul did that and the Bereans let the Holy Spirit show them if such things he taught were true.

          God says, Come out from among them-have nothing to do with idolatry-not even to set up the tree of Tammuz.

          Please know, Tom, I love you in Christ Jesus. God bless you! \o/

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  2. Many Christ followers defend Christmas as if it’s actually biblical !! But is it !?! In this video you will find out the truth! You will discover that Satan packaged a pagan/ungodly tradition in sheep’s clothing by saying it is about Christ birth! Does God want us to mix the birth of His son with ancient occultic practices !?! UHHH NOOOO! Please share this video! God Bless, STAY VIGILANT & FEAR NO EVIL !!!

    The first 13 minutes is the best part of this video. There is a blasphemous man-made image of “Jesus” in it towards the end. Wedding rings are mentioned but are not necessarily pagan even though it traces back to the occult. I believe it was taken from the culture of the day and perverted for their cultic purposes.

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      • Great post! I recognized those churches! I’ve heard it said that the churches who put up a decorated X Mass tree near the pulpit have lost their ability to discern evil from good. The Church-State is the mixing of Belial with Christ… 😦

        Oh, and what she saw in the Spirit concerning that nativity…! I can relate. One church I attended had witches attending…oh, was there ever evil phenomena going on there! My pastor was preaching under a chandelier that hung from the high ceiling (it was a gothic-style church built by freemasons) and it was rattling and shaking like it was about to fall on him-I prayed-he stopped and said, “In the Name of Jesus Christ get out of our church!” Next thing I heard was a bunch of bodies hitting the church doors! Anyway, I would hug the ladies during the meet and greet time and a few of them made me feel as though I were putting two of the same ends of magnets together-a forceful repelling. Also, they looked like hags. Ugh. That was a great church until the pastor went to the Toronto Blessing…to this day he has not been at all discerning, even playing “Santa” for the kids the last that I heard a few years ago.

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