Oh, That Pagan Wedding Ring!

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Yes, its true! We Christians live in a world of paganism! Everywhere we look its pagan! Pagan! Pagan! Pagan! Our churches are modeled after pagan worship centers. Our days of the week are named after pagan gods! Some say worship on Sunday is pagan! And our dollar bill…GASP!!!…

So what? That’s right, I asked, so what? Maybe knowing that truth puts most Christians at ease about celebrating X Mass. “Paganism is hard to avoid.” Or they will say, “See, you can christianize paganism! Look at the church structure!” Well…not so fast, o clever one!

No. No you can’t christianize unredeemable paganism. Yes, we use, or practice, the things of pagan origin all of the time. But that pertains to worldly use for our benefit or as a person to person use. Many things we believe have a pagan origin didn’t just happen to be only for pagan worship after all…

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5 thoughts on “Oh, That Pagan Wedding Ring!

  1. Hello Sherry…

    I come back with one point. Probly wrong..
    When you said Papist I laugh because as a Protestant John Calvin Brand..I also boiled, I cross (choice of word) I cross a nun by the hospital that I did have to pray one Saint in particular and my pain will go. I have no trouble with faith but that ain’t mine,

    However and I come to my point, it is Origin, Roots…knowing the land feel the land, may be little herb or so make tea, a tea that put fever down….Witchcraft? I don’t think so as so many ingredients are from Nature into Chemicals.

    When Muslims in Belgium or Great Britain ask authorities to take away all those Trees BECAUSE it Offend them….!! I stand by Tree (I’m not gonna get one, but my voice among others that they keep the Trees, and the light in the cities….!

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    • Hi, Wil! Nothing wrong with St. John’s wort tea! 🙂 God created it and it does have medicinal benefits! Praying to a particular saint, as you know, does nothing but cause us to sin against God by using of witchcraft.

      Now, I’m not against people who decorate trees, and, like you, I would stand against Muslims, or anyone, who wants to take away that freedom. Unless, as I often wonder, it is God wresting the witchcraft from our Christian witness. I am against Christians decorating their homes in the same manner as the Wiccans since God forbids it in His Word and the practice is hardly a way of separating us from the appearance of evil.

      God bless you, Wil!


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