L’horreur (The Horror)


FTA: I refuse to call this slaughterhouse gang ISIS, ISIL or Islamic State because it has no state and no country recognizes or legitimizes it. It is Daesh. It is a band of raping, pillaging, murderous thugs hellbent on returning the world to 7th century butchery. The group claims it was behind the terrorist attacks in Paris.

A Mad Daesh


French president declares state of emergency, closes borders

Obama: Those that think they can terrorize France are wrong


13 thoughts on “L’horreur (The Horror)

  1. FTA: How did ISIS, a junior league radical jihadist group, as described by President Obama, keep their evil scheme secret until after they attacked? What if the Western nations had decimated ISIS when it first reared its vicious head? What would the result be if there had been swift and deadly reprisals against this terrorist juggernaut when they first started beheading innocent people? How would the situation be different in the Middle East if the United States hadn’t abandoned Iraq? The leadership in the Western nations has destabilized their own countries by not recognizing the enemy, not supporting their allies and not defeating ISIS in the Middle East.


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  2. FTA: So why does it continue? Why do leaders like France’s President Hollande continue to say that he wants to accept 25,000 more “refugees” when his own countrymen do not support him in his efforts?

    Another question is this: how is it possible that intelligence agencies failed to see this most recent attack in Paris coming? Neither the US’ CIA, NSA, FBI, or any other branch of surveillance saw it coming? Neither did France’s or Israel’s Mossad. Come on, we are expected to believe that no one saw this coming? We are expected to believe that ISIS is so superior with their own surveillance and covert operations that they managed to remain well under the radar?

    Who believes that? Raise your hand please. I’ll wait. Didn’t think so.

    Redirection is the Main Tool of the Elite Using Terrorism to Achieve Its Ends

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