The Problem With America

“The problem here isn’t that God has abandoned anybody. The problem here is that we are abandoning Him. The problem here is that we have gotten ashamed of Him. The problem here is that, even though He providentially put us, in particular, in the context of a society where we were invited to enjoy the fruits that come from our submission to His will, we have, through a combination of willfulness, laziness, and indifference, let it slip away.” ~ Alan Keyes speaking to Concerned Women for America, March 31, 2001


2 thoughts on “The Problem With America

  1. FTA: Our problems as a nation have their roots in a basic problem within the Evangelical church. Our problems as a nation didn’t begin in the 1960s when atheists went to court and got prayer and Bible reading thrown out of the schools. Our problems as a nation didn’t begin in the 1970s when the Supreme Court invented a so-called constitutional right for a mother to kill her unborn child. Our problems didn’t begin in the 1990s when the courts began inventing so-called constitutional rights to sodomy and so-called homosexual “marriage”. Our problems began when the groundwork was laid for those things, long before that, by a change in the Evangelical church’s attitude toward the Bible.

    Dr. Stephen Prothero at Boston University is one of a number of people who have done a lot of very good research on this. He was interviewed on C-SPAN about this, and he made the point that among Evangelicals there was a shift in focus over the course of the 20th century. It was a shift, as he put it, “from Bible reading to feeling – from knowing what Jesus actually had to say to having a “relationship” with a “Jesus” that Evangelicals know little or nothing about – from actually reading the Bible to merely revering the Bible…”

    The Greatest Story Never Read


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