Missing! Have You Seen This Child?



From Jeannie Jones Facebook page:

This is my 16 year old granddaughter. She has been missing since Feb 1st. If you see her please call De Kalb Co sheriffs office at 815-895-3272. Her name is Candice. Please share with everyone you know… thank you so much. — with Tanya Groebner Wall.

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  1. Tweeted it out Sherry and will pray for her safe return! God bless!

    1. Thank you very much! God bless you!

  2. […] friend Sherry from quotes and notes has a post up about a young woman who is missing, I am including her picture here and the contact […]

  3. Have also reposted it Sherry!

    1. Thanks, friend! I appreciate it!

  4. Sherry, I had an interesting comment from Robin at the Christian Coffeshop “.Loopy you know God allows me to “see” things from time to time…I’ve been praying and looking at her picture….So far I see what seems to be a dirt road but it had a whitish, greyish look to it…Don’t know if this makes any since but it’s what I saw…I will let you know if anything else comes up…”
    Just thought that I would pass it along!

  5. Another bit from Robin Sherry “Loopy this dirt road is headed away from her so I believe it’s in the opposite direction of where she lives…..”

  6. From Robin “Loopy also let them know this dirt road is to the right of where she lives….it’s headed away but to the right….I saw it clearly behind her….”

  7. From Robin “As I’m looking at Candice picture…the picture I see of the road is located behind her and I only see the road from the right side..in other which ever direction Candice is facing when this picture is taken, they need to search to the right of that position if she is standing facing South, they would need to check the EAST…ALSO Loopy, she is in close proximity to this dirt road…meaning maybe just beyond the ditch area..I will shortly go into prayer and ask God to allow me more to see…”

  8. Here is the Bring Candice Home FB page https://www.facebook.com/BringCandiceHome

    For those of you that do not know, my niece is missing. Please share this so maybe someone out there has seen her and can let us know….Candice Rose Sane.. She was last seen In Monroe Center Ill Feb 1st. Please help by posting this new info. If seen please call Ogly (I believe she means Ogle) County sheriffs office at 815-732-2136 or 419-239-9892 or 419-239-9903. Please help bring her home to her family.

    1. I will add the FB page to my post Sherry!

      1. Thanks, loopyloo. I will do my best to keep things up to date as I get the information.

        1. We are praying hard Sherry!

    2. UPDATE: Ok apparently people are confused. I have posted all of the information I have, the Pictures on here, are her. She is soon to be 17, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, about 5’8, 125-135 pounds. She went missing on February 1,2013 and was reported, (by her mother) on February 4,2013. She went to Stillman High School, had a boyfriend, that from what she told us, is Dakota Miller from Rockford, Il. Hope this clears things up and people keep sharing. Thank you all for the prayers and support

  9. So sorry to hear this….we will pray for her safe return.

    1. Thank you, righthook38! It is deeply appreciated.

  10. […] from quotes and notes and opinions has a missing family member. This is her niece, Candice,  she is sixteen years old. From […]

  11. […] friend Sherry from quotes and notes has a post up about a young woman who is missing, I am including her picture here and the contact […]

  12. Reblogged this on Screenshots News and commented:
    Please re-post this Missing Person notice on your blog and other social network outlets. Another young American woman is missing.

  13. Keep up the prayers! The sheriff’s office are receiving alot of leads. She went missing on her way to school. I have no idea why this hasn’t made news unless there is thought that she is a runaway. I find that hard to believe since her MySpace page lists her mother as one of her heroes. May this be the day she is brought home.

    1. Will keep up the prayers Sherry, let us know when you have more information. God bless you my friend!

    2. Thanks for the prayers and for helping spread the word, loopyloo. There’s not much new but her family are very appreciative for everyone’s prayers and help. God bless you~

    3. Here is the comment left at the Bring Candice home FB page:
      … She went from a runaway in Ogly Co ill (Ogle Co., IL) to a missing person today.. please everyone our family is frantic please share share share. May God Bless each one of you.

  14. From Candice’s aunt:
    Got a call from the sheriff’s office today. I gave them information they did not have. They thought it was very convenient that such important information was left out from Candice’s mother. Candice is no longer a “runaway” she is now a “missing person”. I also found out she left with nothing, no cell phone, no laptop, no identification, no money….
    Please keep sharing all of this information. I just want to know she is safe…

  15. UPDATE: so after talking to family tonight on the phone about this case and since its been 2 weeks since Candice went missing and theres no sign of this girl its time to do some serious searching. I will be heading up search teams on sunday Febuary 17 starting at 11am in Monroe center. Im asking for at least 100 searchers to assist at this time to cover grounds in and around the monroe center area. If you can help please do. We are losing time and as every passing day goes by it lessons her chances of being found. We will meet at the Monroe Center school which is located on route 72 east of interstate 39. Please anyone that can help please be there by 11am this young 17 year old girl needs to be found and brought home…. Dan Gunderson


    1. Search has been called off.

      1. Do you know why Sherry?

        1. Good morning, loopyloo~
          Her mother doesn’t want anyone to be searching for her. :sad:

          How does a mother do that? IDK but there has to be more to this story that no one knows about.

          1. Sounds as if her mother is afraid of them finding her, but surely they don’t need her permission to search if she has already been declared missing do they?

          2. Yeah, there were a few angry people on the Bring Candice Home FB page. I think they are looking anyways but just not in an organized manner. I’m going to check to see if there are any updates and will post if there are any.

          3. LOL…not really. I’m locked out of FB for security reasons and they want me to run McAfee-but my own security scan says there is nothing wrong. I hate this because it smells of trying to sell me McAfee. Grrr….

      2. Yup! That’s what it was-a ruse to get me to download McAfee.

        1. I don’t have McAfee Sherry, and I haven’t had any problems with FB, I just use Microsoft Security Essentials!

          1. Yeah, I don’t have McAfee either-I use Microsoft’s security , too. It was just an advertising ploy-my internet supplier does the same thing-make you think you’ve been hacked so they can run a McAfee scan then, after its done they want you to get their security. I feel so “hacked” by this! LOL!

          2. Did you unload it? McAfee is bad about leaving something buried that is almost impossible to get rid of!

          3. I didn’t know that! I’ll go check and take care of it, if they did. Thanks! :mrgreen:

  16. Candice has been found! Thank you, everyone, for the prayers!
    UPDATE: Candice has been found. She is in police custody! She is safe. I could never tell all of you how very much you mean to my family, all of the support is just overwhelming. Thank you again and please continue to pray for my beloved niece! She needs all the support she can get! ♥ you all

      1. Yes! Thank you for spreading the word and your friends, too, for making blogposts on her. It is very much appreciated! God bless you all!

    1. Evidently her boyfriend, Dakota, was hiding her from an abusive family situation. Pray for the family to heal and treat one another with love and respect.

    2. That is wonderful news!

      1. Yes, it is! Thanks for your help!

  17. Just curious, what color was the boyfriend’s car he was driving? Thanks for keeping us updated…many, many blessings to you…Robin

    1. I’m not sure. I don’t think that information was given on the Bring Candice Home FB page.
      Many blessings your way, too!

      1. Thanks for responding…I was just curious, I was the one who saw a silver car with shiny rims….I believe Loopy gave the info…Many, many blessings to you…Robin

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