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Obama’s Julia is a far cry from what Helen Reddy sang about in 1971. ~Doug Giles

Obama’s Angels

Independent sassy ladies, make way for Obama’s government dependent gal … Julia! For the double X chromosomes who’ve yet to meet Julia, she’s Obama’s dream girl: a needy chick who’s beholden to big government from her wee little diapers to her ginormous adult Depends. And I thought conservatives hated women?

Now, before I continue to bash Obama’s dreamland for the ladies, who in God’s name came up with the name “Julia”? That’s way too white of a name for We the Touchy. BHO’s gang should have just named her Cassandra Caucasian or Whitney Whiteywhite.

Julia Roberts, Julia Child, Julia Stiles, Julia Mancuso and Julia Gulia from the Wedding Singer—all white chicks. Hello. I cry foul. No, I cry racism! OccupyJulia! We should protest Obama’s damsel in distress campaign until they change the protagonist’s name


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