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Snagged Me Some Darn Good Comments…

Here is a worthy article to read: Jihad by Aggrievement; Submission by Apology  by Diana West. She hits the nail on the proverbial head as usual. But, there were a couple of comments that I want to share with you:

Posted by Anonymous on Wed, 2012-03-07 14:05

These raging delusional mobs burn our flags and images of our leaders with impunity in our own streets. They walk around our towns and cities with placards calling for the downfall of our governments, death to Jews and the return of Khyber.  Our authorities do nothing to stop them despite the laws about racial hatred, incitement to murder and treason. There is no comment from our women’s libbers about the plight of their women, shackled, draped head to foot in cloth, circumcised, forced into marriages and murdered for adultery when they have been raped – not a word from the Friedans, Greers and Saradons of this world – schtum, completely silent, nothing from their lips either when an American woman journalist is gang raped by rampaging mobs in a square in Egypt. No apology from our leaders or our military that they fail to protect us.  Indeed they are complicit in these crimes as their cowardly apologies for the burning of a few books provide the perpetrators of evil with a sense of security in their depravity, a knowledge that they can and are able to carry out dastardly deeds on our freedoms and our beings, using the laws of our democracies to do so whilst we support them with our taxes in social housing and free health care.  Yet without aforethought our leaders bow and scrape to their leaders and abide the hideous laws they subscribe to, laws that breach every tenet of our Ten Commandments, of our freedom and our democracy.  In Western terms a President or Prime Minister is bound to safeguard the citizens they are elected to serve.  Nobody in the West is safeguarding our lives, not leaders in Europe or the Americas are ensuring our liberty and protecting our children’s future to live in peace and security as free citizens of free Western democracies.  They embrace short term appeasement rather than long term security; they fear the repercussions of violent threats and as a result place at risk the long term survival of Western Civilization and the Judeo-Christian ethic of freedom, liberty, respect and love of life.  We as free Western citizens must stand up and be counted; we need to shout from the roof tops that we will not abide this 1930’s style appeasement of our annihilation.  We have to stop being complicit in our own destruction.  Americans have the opportunity to get rid of the current White House incumbent who is selling those he should be protecting down the river as he bows and kowtows to tyrants. Europeans must pressure governments for the breakup of the EU and a return to the self-governing nation states that made Europe great.  It’s a do or die situation and let’s do and not die.


Truth is not popular, but it is still the truth…

Posted by Anonymous on Wed, 2012-03-07 17:42

Ever notice how anyone who calmly, rationally points out the substantial difference between Christianity and Islam is branded a racist, a hater, and an Islamophobe? A phobia is an irrational fear. I think it quite rational to fear people who want to kill me because of my faith, and destroy the Constitution and judicial system of the US.

Look, just look, with clear eyes at the unrest in the world. Subtract all the unrest where Muslims are involved, and see how many conflicts remain. One comes to mind, the Irish/Catholic conflict in Ireland, which is local, and although violent, localized in scope.  Read the Qur’an and the Bible side by side. The difference is clear. The great commission of Islam is convert, conquer, or kill until all the world is Islamic.

Read what converts from Islam like Wafa Sultan, and Walid Shoebat have to say about their former faith.

As much as liberal forces attempt to erase the Judeo-Christian roots of Western Civilization they cannot. It is so ingrained into the psyche of its peoples that we cannot really wrap our minds around a belief system based on hatred.

You don’t have to be a hater to see that the Muslim agenda is the utter annihilation of Western Civilization. You do not have to be a hater to stand up and say, “No, you will not destroy my faith, my laws, my country, no matter what you call me.” We need not succumb to the epithets hurled at us to get us to acquiesce to the erosion of our civilization. They may stay here in the US, if they wish, but why should we allow them to build their mosques here when Christians may not build or even repair their churches, nor Jews their synagogues. I do not advocate aggression against Muslims, but I do believe we are engaged in a religious war. I take Gandhi’s approach of peaceful, non-violent resistance.

Look with unbiased eyes at the history of the last 40 years or so. How much violence has been committed by Muslims? Way, way more than that committed by adherents to any other faith.

When was the last time a group of Baptists commandeered a commercial flight, or a cruise ship, or took hostages. When? For a faith that has been hijacked by a few radicals, they sure seem to inflict a lot of damage.

If the US drilled its own oil, and fed its own people, the Muslim nations of the world would not have the time, nor the money to perpetrate violence on anyone. We are the problem because we enable them. Lets us feed our own, and supply our own, and let them do the same. Then the prosperous Muslims in the West will be busy sending money to feed and clothe their own people, instead of receiving subsidies to build mosques here. The entire Muslim world could be brought to its knees if we stopped buying their oil and selling them food. Let them scream all the insults they want, they would have their hands full with their own problems. The reason Muslims agitate and use our freedoms against us is because we are enabling them to do so. I’m not saying raise a gun, or a hand to them, just stop buying oil and selling them food and see how quickly things change.

I just figured that alot of time and thought went into these commentors’ comments that they were worth more than to be lost in the thread of Diane West’s article. Like her assessesment of appeasement, these commentors hit the nail on the head, too.


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