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Understanding the Critical Race Theory


 Critical Race Theory Explained

Last week, Breitbart.com released video demonstrating Barack Obama’s close relationship with Derrick Bell, the father of Critical Race Theory (CRT). And we’ve seen Soledad O’Brien try to twist the definition of critical race theory in order to protect Obama by grabbing a quick definition from Wikipedia. But just what is CRT? Why is it so dangerous? And what role does it play in President Obama’s thinking?

UPDATE: There is an excellent article to read so I am putting the link here in the post instead of the in the comment line. There are some good links in the comment line but this article I do not want to be lost among those others.

Exposing the Race Grievance Industry’s Theory of Exploitivity: Black Victim + White Culprit = Racism


Regardless of evidence, circumstances, or facts, the predictable scavenger hunt that summarily ensues after any unfortunate white-on-black incident stems from what I’ve identified as the Race Grievance Industry’s “Theory of Exploitivity.”

Basically, the Theory of Exploitivity declares racism as the motive for any disagreeable white-on-black incident. Racism is their end-all-be-all explanation. For the Race Grievance Industry, this one-dimensional, race-based concept is unapologetically absolute with no room for debate. In simple terms, the Theory of Exploitivity translates as Black Victim + White Culprit = Racism. And due to the theory’s continued success, white Hispanics have now been included as “White Culprits” for exploitation. Black Hispanics, on the other hand, don’t fit the agenda.



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