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I was over at the Islamophobia Watch site and read through some of their articles that they believe details anti-Muslim sentiments.  It’s really difficult to take it seriously because they are so ill-informed.  In fact, for people in the know, what is presented there comes across as outright lies; lies that are designed to cause people to sympathize with the plight of the poor Muslim.

This is not to knock Muslims.  It’s to knock Islamand I’ll say that right up front.  I’ve read too many articles about how Muslims are allegedly mistreated and how people seem to be out to get them.  The truth though is that much of the trouble that Muslims experience is due to their own cowardice and manipulation of the media.

For some reason, the mainstream media does sympathize with Islam and Muslims in particular.  Christianity? Judaism? It’s open season on both of these religions…

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Janice Rubendall is a family member of a personal friend of ours, she helped our Country by serving in the Iraq war and now she is Missing and needs our help. Please share this far and wide so that we can find this young lady and bring her home so that she can get the help she needs.


The moment that Ashley Barton saw the car, she knew something was amiss.

The cream-colored Chrysler PT Cruiser with California plates and a U.S. Marine Corps sticker had appeared near the end of the first week of January, parked by itself in a seldom-used auxiliary lot at the Riverview Landing at Valley Forge community in West Norriton. It was nearly half a mile from any of the housing units.

“They only use that lot when the Schuylkill floods the regular parking lot,” said Barton, who lives in the complex. “Maybe once…

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Acorn is alive and well. I give credit to CNN for doing this piece. $800,000 was given to Acorn by Obama, acording to the clip and the best part, they are behind the litigation in many States over I.D. requirements. Anyone still wondering what this regime is all about? Here we go.

Even though it was supposedly stripped of federal funding in 2009, a non-partisan government corruption watchdog says the disgraced organization known as ACORN is alive and well and still thriving on government dollars.

“So ACORN has not gone away. What it has done is it’s had its tentacles rebrand themselves and rename themselves in order to get federal money and go around the ban that Congress passed and the president signed,” Epstein explains.

One of those branches, Project Vote, is now working with the Obama Justice Department to sue various states under the National Voter Registration Act.

“Project Vote forced…

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