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Bashin’ Bashir, Do You Know What YOU Sound Like?

LOL! It’s your turn, Santorum…

What To Do, What To Do…With $40…

President Obama urges Congress to extend the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits without drama or delay because middle-class families can’t afford a tax hike.

An Economy Built To Last-that has a bit of a nice commercial-y ring to it…




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Beginning this week, The Obama Regime is launching a new effort to enlist and (re)educate at least 2 million supporters for a “grassroots communications team” it’s calling the Truth Team. Sounds a little too Orwellian, doesn’t it?

Does this or does this not look like something right out of the old Soviet Union? Truth Teams? Seriously, TRUTH TEAMS? What will be next, Obama Youth Camps?

“The goal is to ensure that when Republicans attack President Obama’s record, grassroots supporters can take ownership of the campaign and share the facts with the undecided voters in their lives,” the Regime said in a prepared statement.

The first teams will be launched in 13 swing states: Michigan, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia.

The announcement directs Obama’s followers to three websites: KeepingHisWord.com, which…

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