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 This is Corey’s story~

 You may have heard about Corey in news.  He was serving in Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division in 2006, when he was arrested and imprisoned for following orders during Operation Iron Triangle.  He was only 21 years old when Corey’s squad was sent into Thar Thar with orders to “kill all military aged males.”  When they instead took three Iraqis prisoner, he and Specialist William Hunsaker were ordered to release the detainees and kill them.  When Corey was charged, we were able to get a civilian lawyer to represent him free of charge, only to have him abandon Corey just days before trial.  Represented by an inexperienced JAG lawyer, Prosecutors threatened Corey with the death penalty.  He agreed to plead guilty in exchange for a life sentence.  Since that time, Corey has been held in Fort Leavenworth.  For the past three years, Corey has been held in solitary confinement. Source

Operation Iron Triangle was a military operation in the Iraq War. The operation was led by Michael D. Steele in 2006. The operation targeted a suspected al-Qaeda in Iraq training facility southwest of the city of Samarra near the Muthana Chemical Complex south of Lake Thar Thar.

In the first few hours of the operation, Private First Class Corey R. Clagett, Specialist William B. Hunsaker, Staff Sergeant Raymond L. Girouard, and Specialist Juston R. Graber executed three unarmed Iraqi detainees. Clagget later testified that they had cut the Iraqis loose and let them run before shooting them, to make the incident look like an escape attempt.[1] Graber made an arrangement with the government to plead guilty to a reduced charge of aggravated assault. A team of civilian and military lawyers defended the four soldiers in Article 32 proceedings (military equivalent to a grand jury) in Tikrit, Iraq and Courts Martial proceedings in Fort Campbell, KY. After eight months of legal battles, defendant Graber agreed to testify against Hunsaker and the other defendants. Facing mandatory life sentences, Hunsaker and Clagett entered plea deals that reduced their maximum sentence to 18 years, making them eligible for parole after 5½ years. According to his lawyers, Graber was “to be convicted of aggravated assault and to receive a nine-month prison sentence in exchange for his testifying against three other members of his squad.”[2] Source


From Corey’s mother:

My son has been in solitary confinement for 51 months. Do you know what that does to a person? Corey was never given the chance to be in general population. He was put into the shoe the minute he got to Ft.Leavenworth.

Now, Corey has ADHD. I didn’t know this; he was diagnosed while in the Army. He suffers from PTSD. He has been seen by three qualified medical and psychologists doctors who have stated over and over Corey’s mental well being has suffered and the damage it has and will continue to cause while being incarcerated.

Because of his mental condition he has mixed and confused his memories of his childhood, past and some present. At times he says things that does not make sense. He forgets things easily now, he has suffered from side affects from medication which many have noticed.

I could go on and on about Corey’s mental state, but I think you get the picture. I feel I will lose the Corey I know if he is imprisoned any longer.


If you can do anything to help please go to Corey Clagett’s webpage set up by his mother, Melanie. 

Here is Allen West’s webpage where you can contact him concerning Corey Clagett’s clemency:

Pfc Corey Clagett will have a combined Clemency/Parole Hearing at FT. Leavenworth that he can attend on January 5th 2012.

That Board will pass their recommendations on to the official Army Clemency/Parole Board in Arlington, VA. Three people who wish to speak on Corey’s behalf may attend that Hearing. Corey will not be present for this hearing. This hearing will be held on February 2nd 2012.

Corey’s attorney Timothy C. Parlatore (!/parlatorelaw) will be the main speaker.
Also attending and speaking on Corey’s behalf is Col. Edward Horvath ( & (

And of course I (Corey’s mother) will be attending and reading a letter I wrote to them.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Corey called last night and was very upset. He is to go before the Clemency/Parole Board next Thursday (Jan 5th), but says he will not attend. He said he has nothing to turn in to the board on his behalf. NO one has sent him any kind of letter asking for Clemency/Parole on his behalf. He got no letters offering employment, He did get a letter of residency from Mark Williams, but that came a day to late to turn in.

Corey said even though some folks may send letters to his attorney he would have liked a copy sent to him to turn in to the Board Members. He said do you know how hard it is to walk in with nothing when real people are sitting in front of you deciding your life and you have nothing to show support on your behalf?

Corey did get my letter that I am going to read to the Board Members, but that letter was all he had.

Corey is heart broken and now does not want to attend his own hearing once again. My mother and I tried to convince Corey to still go and speak on his own behalf, but he is not agreeing with us. He will call me back about 5:00 pm today.

I told him his attorney has a call set for Wednesday the day before the hearing to talk to him about the hearing. Corey is really down and says he does not believe that he will be released this time around. This hearing is to consider Clemency and also is his first Parole Hearing all in one. If he is denied it will not be until a year from now next February 2013 before he goes before the Board again.

He told me last night to be prepared for him to be denied. He was very sad yesterday. I don’t need to tell you how I am feeling after hearing my son feeling so down.

If Corey is denied, I don’t know what to do from hear. Corey and our family are so exhausted emotionally. Support has dropped off immensely I believe due to the long battle it has taken just to get this far. Corey is not receiving much mail and his money has depleted. The calls are becoming fewer and Corey isn’t receiving any books to have something to read. He says he has two or three folks who have continued their long standing support. He is beginning to feel abandoned again.  He did get a massive amount of cards as a whole that was collected from United American Patriots for Christmas. He said it took him 10 hours and he read every one. Besides that there is about 5 or 6 folks who steady stay in touch with him.

It all comes down to Corey is having a hard time believing people still care and that he will get out anytime soon. (page)

Please pray that Pvc. Corey Clagett will be released from prison. He just obeyed orders like he was trained to do.

To hear his mother talk of what happened to her son go here. Her story begins at 26 minutes in and lasts for about 30 minutes.

On Corey’s website is information for writing to him at his prison address as well as updates and information for where to donate to help with legal costs . Being in solitary these letters would be greatly appreciated. And please go to Melanie’s Facebook page and encourage her through this awful ordeal.

United American Patriots has more information on Corey’s case as well as the others they represent.






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