Our God Given Rights: A Lesson Concerning the True Intent of Our Nation’s Constitution


about 23 minutes long

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  1. 10th Circuit Court upholds injunction against Oklahoma sharia law ban!

    The 10th Circuit Court in Denver, Colorado today upheld an injunction against the implementation of Oklahoma SQ 755, a constitutional amendment that instructed judges not to consider foreign laws in their decisions, it included sharia law, I believe, in that it is the religious law or ruling order used in a number of Islamic countries. The amendment passed overwhelmingly in the fall of 2010. The amendment said, in part:

    “The courts shall not look to the legal precepts of other nations or cultures. Specifically, the courts shall not consider international law or Sharia law.”


      1. Rev. Crowell and Keith O. McArtor believe sharia law should be allowed to be practiced in Oklahoma just like other folks who live their lives following their own religious laws. Could someone direct me to a Christian law organization in America. please? Or provide me the names of some Christian law judges.


        1. Go to the YT site and you will find the website, Sharia4America, listed in this video’s description.


  2. Why Does the United States Need Sharia Law?

    According to a Federal court judge, Sharia law is fine to use in the United States. This is not only asinine, but proves that too many Muslims have an agenda. Not only are they NOT here to become part of the fabric of American society (on U.S. terms), but are intent on encroaching upon this fabric by overwriting Constitutional law with their own law.


    1. American views of Islam affected debates regarding freedom of religion during the drafting of the state constitution of Pennsylvania in 1776. Constitutionalists promoted religious toleration while Anticonstitutionalists called for reliance on Protestant values in the formation of the state’s republican government. The former group won out, and inserted a clause for religious liberty in the new state constitution. American views of Islam were influenced by favorable Enlightenment writings from Europe, as well as Europeans who had long warned that Islam was a threat to Christianity and republicanism. Wikipedia Source

      For as long as the Muslims have been in the U.S. there has never been a call until the 21st century to insert sharia law, let alone that it should override the U.S. Constitution. An agenda they have indeed! Wake up, American citizens, the jackboot of sharia is gaining ground!


    2. Sharia law turns back the hands of the clock to the 6th and 7th centuries A.D. Do we want that? Does the U.S. Constitution allow for it? I cannot believe that it would allow for it, considering the fact that there must be a separation of church and state. It seems to me that if the law ruled in favor of Islam, then they are actively engaging in NOT keeping church and state separate.

      This is why I don’t like people saying that islam is NOT a religion. We WANT it to be a religion for this very reason! It makes sharia unconstitutional.


  3. “Jihadism is evil and we need to say what it is,” Santorum said last March. “We need to define it and say what it is. And it is evil. Sharia law is incompatible with American jurisprudence and our Constitution.” He added correctly, and in sharp contrast to the prevailing view, that “Sharia law is not just a religious code. It is also a governmental code. It happens to be both religious in nature and origin, but it is a civil code. And it is incompatible with the civil code of the United States.”
    Jihad Watch


  4. Court Rules Sharia Ban Unconstitutional

    This ruling has come because of Leftist judges who don’t know anything about Sharia and have swallowed the smooth deceptions of Islamic supremacist groups like Hamas-linked CAIR, but it can also be attributed to the fact that the laws themselves have not been focused properly. Americans want to outlaw the elements of Sharia that interfere with Constitutionally protected freedoms, not Islam as an individual religious practice, but in response, Islamic supremacists claim that Muslim religious freedom will be infringed upon.

    Sooo….where are all those looney libs with their “seperation of Church and State”? and “Freedom from Religion” mantras? Hmmm???


    1. Zulu’s comment:

      “No one in Oklahoma deserves to be treated like a second-class citizen,”

      Exactly! Islamic law mandates a humiliating second-class status for Jews and Christian’s, hence the people of Oklahoma want to ban it!


    2. Were Oklahomans Wrong to Ban Sharia?

      All of this illustrates the exact problem with sharia and why it is offensive to American traditions. Sharia adherents observe no barricade between mosque and state. Doctrinally dictated sharia rules govern every aspect of a pious Muslim’s life from personal, familial, financial, marital, to civic affairs. Thus, it is not surprising that a sharia-adherent Muslim would expect a legal tribunal to complete gaps in a marital agreement, a contract, or a will. Americans are certainly free to conduct their affairs according to religious motivations but they know not to ask the courts to supply missing articles of faith.


      1. The painful lesson learned from Great Britain and Europe is that surrendering authority to adjudicate family law matters to sharia courts or shadow sharia tribunals is just the first step to accepting a subculture that is contrary to democratic values.


  5. Help! The Constitution is Protecting Me!

    As America sleeps, yawns, or goes iPod shopping at the mall, the rights the Founding Fathers fought and died for and the principles that compelled my father to hit the beaches of Iwo Jima are rapidly being not just eroded, but dramatically taken away.


    1. The Obama Administration’s lawlessness is becoming so obvious that nearly everyone outside the so-called mainstream media has caught on. Many Americans are appalled, but hard-core leftists are delighted. They regard the Constitution as a sham document that enables an oppressive, racist, sexist, homophobic society of the rich to oppress college students.


  6. Muslims Attacked

    Shea noted, too, that speakers at the conference “gave a sweeping overview of American founding principles on religious freedom and how they have been breached time and again in American history by attacks against a broad variety of religious minority groups — including now against Muslims.” The audience was reassured that “the Obama administration is working diligently to prosecute American Islamophobes and is transforming the U.S. Justice Department into the conscience of the nation, though it could no doubt learn a thing or two from the assembled delegates …”


    1. By an astounding, unanimous 9-0 margin, the usually ideologically divided Supreme Court slapped down President Obama’s radical doctrine that the federal government can tell a church who it must employ as a minister if the church violates anti-discrimination employment provisions.

      Kegan voted against Obama???


    1. He added, “Throughout history, great nations have fallen from within. Make no mistake, America is a blessed Nation, but only so long as it remains faithful to the Judeo-Christian values upon which it was founded.”


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