The Execution of the Most Innocent

“How can anyone be against abortion but for the death penalty? “

“You can’t reconcile being pro-life on abortion and pro-death on the death penalty.”

“I don’t see how anyone can be pro-death penalty yet be against abortion.”

Twice this very week I have heard a challenge to me, a person in favor of the Death Penalty, telling me I must be pro-abortion if I am pro-Death Penalty and vice versa. How clever. This is supposed to make me, and those of like mind, look like a hypocrite. It doesn’t, though. Instead it has made the liberal opinionators look the fool, and the real hypocrites. I said to these challengers that since they are pro-abortion then they must be pro-death penalty. It swings both ways when you want to use that kind of logic. Both results in the end of a life.

I have been asked a few times before how it is that I can be pro-life yet be for the death penalty. Simple. One is the death of the most innocent and vulnerable human being whose only “crime” was that he or she was conceived in the womb of one who found him or her inconvenient or unwanted, while the other is just punishment for a guilty heinous murderer who could have cared less for his/her victim. One hasn’t had the chance to live his/her life yet, while the other found perverse pleasure in the taking of an innocent life in a horrific manner. One has had their rights denied having no choice in the matter, the other had a choice and made the wrong one.

After some thought on this affront to common sense by these pro-choice challengers I realized something. They actually admitted that abortion is the same as the carrying out of the Death Penalty. They call the DP murder then say that I should be for abortion rights if I’m for capital punishment. It doesn’t take much brain power to figure out that these liberals just called abortion “murder” by what they compared it to, the death penalty, according to their own definition of it, that it is murder. They also made the mistake of thinking that their illogical witticism would shut me, and all like me, up. If it were not so serious a subject I would have laughed them to scorn. If only they were admitting to this by seeing the truth they so readily and inadvertantly spouted in their cleverness.

For the liberals who are pro-death penalty of the innocent pre-birth, please check out these videos on The Silent Scream found here:

It seems the abortionist of the Silent Scream video stopped performing the lucrative, anti-women’s rights, anti-children’s right to life death penalty of the tiny innocent beings while in the womb upon seeing the ultrasound video as he edited it.

Abortion is Murder~does this sight offend you? If you are offended and are pro-choice then your mind has convicted your heart of the truth of the abortion matter. That this is a MURDERED fetus!

A Video Presentation of a Late Term Abortion

You just saw, in that last video, the brutal murder of a tiny baby boy~

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  1. Liberal counter-attacks are resorting to the old slur that Republicans are anti-science. The current issue of Nature bemoans the “anti-science streak on the American right.”

    Now is the time to turn the tables and make the case that it’s the pro-abortion stance that is actually anti-science.

    In the past, abortion supporters simply denied that the fetus is human: “It’s just a blob of tissue.” Today, however, due to advances in genetics and DNA, virtually no ethicist denies that the fetus is human—biologically, genetically, physiologically human. Even the arch-radical Peter Singer acknowledges that “the life of a human organism begins at conception.”

    Pro-Abortion Anti Science


    1. Just a note: This isn’t about the Republicans and Right Wingers. This pro-abortion rhetoric is aimed at all those who know that abortion is murder.


  2. Abortion is not murder? Its that and more~
    Abortion Facts


  3. A stolen comment~
    I don’t like abortion but it is not murder. Women own their body and no government or man or woman should be permitted to tell a woman what to do with it. We are a people with a violent past when it comes to women and race and religion and it should chill every American to the bone.

    Abortion is a racist act. It is also a government approved act. It is violent, too, not just against the unborn but against the women who have the abortion. Its a greedy money-making business. At least the Death Penalty is not corrupted by greed.


    1. Ah, but the government can tell the men and women who are against abortion to pay for it through tax funding, eh?

      Tax Funded Abortions in DC


    2. Abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood continue to receive hundreds of millions of tax dollars every year under Title X, which subsidizes their overhead for promoting abortion as they divert more and more resources towards the killing of the unborn.

      In 2010, Planned Parenthood revealed a total income of $1.1 billion. Taxpayers shelled out $363 million to pad the abortion provider’s bottom line through federal and state grants and contracts (or 33% of its entire income).

      All the while, Planned Parenthood cut back non-abortion related programs like adoption, breast cancer screening and infertility treatment, and demanded that all its affiliate centers offer surgical abortion.

      Recent undercover stings revealed a body of video evidence of illegal Planned Parenthood activities, including the willingness to aid and abet the sex trafficking of young girls, the cover-up of sexual abuse of minors, the skirting of parental consent laws, lying to manipulate women to have abortions, and willingness to accept racist donations to abort African-American babies.
      Taxpayer Funding of Abortion


    3. In a growing number of states around the country, legislators and other office holders are doing their best to stem the flow of taxpayer monies into Planned Parenthood’s coffers. And as they do this, it’s understood that they’re one judge away from having their legislation crippled or thrown out, and the financial lifeline to Planned Parenthood reopened.

      But now we see it’s not just an activist federal judge that might eviscerate these efforts; the Obama Administration may simply fund Planned Parenthood in direct opposition to the decisions of state legislators and office holders.

      Planned Parenthood’s Lawless Bloodlust


    1. Did he say “baby”? Oh, I guess he didn’t know that its just “a blob of tissue”…

      Isn’t it odd that in order to make women feel OK about aborting their fetus that everyone from the most intellectual to the least educated want to change the definition of when life begins? Up until 1973 it was world-wide knowledge that life began at conception. Things that make you go hmmmmm


  4. Deceivers-Planned Parenthood-should be Planned Murder of Innocents


  5. Safe, Legal, Rare or Inconvenient


  6. Some things are just too much for the human heart to handle, and the knowledge that you’re responsible for the death of a real live human being is one of them. She initially felt that the pregnancy center volunteers were honest and kind. But she can no longer feel that way, not after making the decision she made. And so, she demonizes the pregnancy center movement in an effort to avoid her grief. It isn’t working, though: she says that “It’s taken me the two years since [the abortion] not to break down every time I think about it.”

    This is the pain that thousands of women experience each year. This is why pro-lifers must be proactive in reaching out to women hurt by abortion, and it is why we must continue helping women choose life. Willful ignorance is not the answer.

    Pro-choice anger and grief after an abortion


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