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Our Creator Was Subjected to Extreme Humiliation by Us for Us

No other god of any religion has been subjected to humiliation for their followers’ sake but our only true God, our Lord and Savior, Jesus, the Christ. No man-made religion makes their god suffer as Christ did. It just doesn’t sell.



…tears of sorrow and joy with chillbumps…A wonderful presentation of our Lord and Savior’s passion…thank you, Jesus…


Heaven is for Real -Is it Biblical or Demonic?

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Israel in World History and the Coming Four Blood Moons

I’m going to share both sides of this prophetic issue.

On the one hand, world history shows that significant changes happen for Israel during the Blood Moons that affects everyone:


On the other hand, is this current Blood Moons event truly a biblical prophetic one?

Every prophecy of Scripture has had its opponents throughout history as well as in today’s world. But, in today’s world we see an abundance of those who will make merchandise of God’s holy prophetic word such as never before since the resurrection of Christ Jesus.

Disclaimer: I am not endorsing anyone’s book/ ministry mentioned in this post





Day of Discovery-The Six Miracles of Calvary




Well said~

Western culture as a whole, and the United States in particular, has had a tremendous amount of light from God, and experienced many blessings from His hand. Yet, this culture seems intent upon continuing on its path to self-destruction. A few thoughts from the Christian worldview (while we are still allowed, we would hope, to express them).


The Evolution of the Conscience -The Great Socialism to Come

Hattip and informational post by Amos37 here.

FTA: Tolle’s says in this video “that we are one manifestation of the evolution of consciousness”. I want to connect some dots for you on what others have already said even giving it a scientific name. We are today classified as Homo sapiens, the upright biped who made fire, but New Agers see Homo Noeticus is the next step in evolution of man. That evolution according to angelic (demonic spirits) is promoting EVOLUTION of man and his God given conscience.See forthcoming article NeoCon.

Couple that idea with the notion of Natural Selection and it is not a far stretch for the elite to select who lives and who dies in our world. For starters how about those who oppose the Mark or the number of his name.

It is also important to note here that this “power” and I quote:

“Awareness is the power that is concealed within the present moment…The ultimate purpose of human existence, which is to say, your purpose, is to bring that power into this world” pg.78 of Tolles from his book A New Earth.

That power and it is real don’t get me wrong, coupled with the myth of evolution is nothing more than spirit entities (demons) who are far superior than man in intellect sucker the unwitting with fanciful ideas of man is evolving in his mind. This is why New Agers like Alice Bailey say that fallen angels are the ones pushing evolution as the end time deception that will culminate in legions taking alligence to Lucifer. (Satan that old Serpent) They are very busy promoting this by lying to the masses that we can evolve into supermen, mutants, with superior mind powers like Neo in the Matrix.

The Abortion Matrix


A Radical Revolution Taking A Stand For A Literal Genesis

Susan Boyle ~ There’s Something About Susan ~ coping w/Asperger’s

Published on Dec 12, 2013

(Subtitled) The fascinating documentary goes behind-the-scenes of Susan’s first solo tour, which saw her perform across her beloved Scotland in the summer of 2013.

One might be surprised that they know someone with Asperger’s Syndrome, a type of functioning autism.

The Columbia Disaster-February 1st 2003

1986 Challenger Disaster

This is the 1 hour live CNN coverage:

Former Muslim Shares His Journey from Islam to Christianity

Church of Tares – Purpose Driven Life, Seeker Sensitive

The false Gospel Rick Warren presents, or doesn’t present. This is not true Christianity! Beware!

LBJ’s Great Society

The Adulation of Man in the Purpose Driven Life

Rick Warren says the moon god of islam is the same God of Judaism and Christianity. That makes him a false teacher and heretic.

Megapastor Rick Warren now cozier with Islam?

“Who knew that Rick Warren and Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) were this close?” Spencer wrote. “Did they sing a few choruses of Cat’s nasheed that contains the  lines, ‘I’m praying to Allah to give us victory over the kuffar?’”

Spencer said he was not surprised, however, noting Warren previously has  addressed the convention of the Hamas- and Muslim Brotherhood-linked Islamic  Society of North America.

Warren, Spencer said, also “apologized to Muslims, but wasn’t sure what for” and now “he is palling around with Mr. Peace Train” in the name of “dialogue” and “interfaith outreach.”

Spencer quoted from a 1989 New York Times report of Stevens’ response when  asked about attending a demonstration to burn an effigy of Rushdie: “I would  have hoped that it’d be the real thing.”

(there are many links in above article pointing out some of Warren’s exploits)

Evangels Embark to Papal Rome

Mystery of Christmas

Not that any Christmas worshipers will listen and take heed but for those who truly love the Lord and want to be pleasing in all things in His sight I post this:

Please DO NOT click the LIKE icon unless you have listened to, and agreed with, the main idea of the video. You only look like you are double-minded when you click LIKE on my anti-X Mass posts.

“Evil Did Not Win…”

How Christmas Has Changed Through History

“Jesus, You wouldn’t mind…”

In this excellent teaching video is a poem that Pastor Jim wrote that is quite “seasonable”- I’ve only submitted the part of the video where it begins at (at 1:15:18, in case the video should start at the beginning) but the rest of the video has some very good points for true Christians to consider.

Here are some thoughts I posted in the comment section of an earlier post:

I can’t figure out why any pastor would teach scriptures so as to make Paul an agreer that paganism can be christianized except that they worship this helliday and their children above God. I have yet to run across a pastor or teacher to show, with correct interpretation, scriptures that truly mean we have liberty to celebrate pagan-christian hellidays. Why would Paul agree to such when the converted former pagans of his day were burning to ashes all vestiges of their ungodly worship? Isn’t it adding to God’s Word to say its OK to christianize pagan holidays? Isn’t it subtracting from the Word to ignore scriptures warning us not to partake in pagan practices to worship God with? And isn’t it outright disobedience to God’s Word when we are told not to combine the holy with the unholy? And why is it that pastors point to other men of God who approve(d) the ungodly holiday as proof its OK to celebrate but cannot make a case for it with scriptures rightly interpreted? God’s Word tells us to consider  all men to be liars and God be true. Paul says they are to be accursed who preach another gospel (another Jesus) which the pagan Christ Mass is all about!

I do find it interesting, also, that pastors will, rightly so, condemn idol worship in the lives of Christians yet this time of year the tree goes up and is decorated to honor God just as it was done to honor Tammuz though God clearly tells us not to do such a wicked thing. And then there are apologetics ministries that condemns the ministry of Youth with a Mission’s mission of telling the indigenous peoples that the god they worship is actually the true God (supposedly following Paul’s example on Mars Hill) and these same apologists are vehemently against the seeker friendly tactics for increasing the numbers of  mega churches yet that is what the Church did with the pagans’ gods so as to build up the numbers back in the days of Constantine.

Has anyone actually pondered why they are bringing in a tree to decorate? Do they ask why they are practicing (decorating with) all of these pagan traditions this time of year? Does it truly enhance the Gospel? Are we not telling God He needs our help this time of year to make His Gospel known to the World through these christianized pagan traditions of heathen men? Do we truly believe that God will reward us and/or be pleased with our efforts? Even unbelievers know this is a pagan holiday and they laugh at the Christians with their admixture worship of God. We are far from set apart from the world this time of year…

Thanksgiving Proclamations


“The whole world is delusional…”

What was the number one concern for the USA and Russia back in late 50′s to early 60′s? Ridding the world of nuclear bombs, of which was being done slowly, but surely, until the last ten or so years when Iran wanted to build up their arsenal. Back then, the world leaders were extremely concerned with unstable despots getting their hands on them. Today, the world leaders know what Iran’s intent with nuclear weapons is. Or the possibility of their use by Iran. Iran has not hidden its desire to annhilate Israel. The world is not as delusional as Netanyahu has declared. I think he was being “diplomatic” when he said that. He knows, just as everyone knows, that the political islamists will not be satisfied until Israel is wiped off the map of the world. Some can’t wait for it to happen and I believe our nation is one of those who wish to speed it along.   The world is not a safer place now that Iran has the go-ahead to enrich uranium whose only purpose is to build the bombs which destroys more than its intended target.

These critical days in November will be remembered for years to come. The Free World stands before a fork in the road with a clear choice: Either stand strong and insist Iran dismantles its nuclear-weapons program, or surrender, cave in and allow Iran to retain its 18,500 centrifuges. Years from now, when an Islamic terrorist blows up a suitcase in New York, or when Iran launches a nuclear missile at Rome or Tel Aviv, it will have happened only because a Bad Deal was made during these defining moments. ~Economy and Commerce Minister Naftali Bennett

End of Days: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Warning! Graphic video


Fear Not, Christian! Conservative Panic & Hysteria: Where Is Your Faith? – Jimmy Z

Jimmy Z.’s commentary cites the reasons why I’m tired of posting news stories about Obama and politics, sharia law in America and islamo-fascism around the world, and just plain ol’ bad news going on in our increasingly socialist government. Its causing me too much fear and fretting about the future. Yes, I do care about these things but, as Jimmy Z., and a few others have pointed out-God is in control. We do not know that God will bring revival to our nation and some of us have a pretty good idea that He is judging America right now, not to destroy her but to bring her back to Him. He may have had enough of our corporate sinfulness and rejection of Him that its stench has finally reached His nose and He must deal with it harshly. What we do know and believe is this: Our God is a merciful God. A forgiving God and One who delights in new beginnings for the repentant.

America, bless God again~

(note: I’m not the “Sherry” being referenced to by Jimmy Z.   :-)   )

AMERICA — From Freedom To Fascism

The Federal Income Tax is illegal…a fraud. The IRS are the goons doing the Federal Government’s bidding. Two steps to enslaving a nation: 1) get control of the people’s money-done in 1913 and, 2) get control of the people’s health-to be done by 2014…


Thank You, Veterans

Ben Nitay-a Patriotic Israeli

From 1978-not much has changed in the faux-pali world~

A True American Hero

Orson Welles in the War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells

Panic caused by this radio broadcast~

The Eucharistic Christ-Is It Another Jesus?

3 And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.

What is Your Opinion of the Holy Bible?

Patriots 4 America Rally 2013 – Wayne ‘Newsninja2012′ Dupree, US Capitol-Great Speech, Wayne!

Wayne Dupree’s Newsblog, Newsninja2012

The National Anthem Story

Key Pens Star Spangled Banner

Beyond 911-Portraits of Resilience

-an HBO Documentary


Enjoy Your Labor Day! Jerry Lewis… The Last American Clown

I want to dedicate this post to a dear sister in Christ I know who struggles with this debilitating disease called Muscular Dystrophy. God bless you, sweetie!

This is the last time Jerry Lewis sang this song for the MDA Telethon (okay, you know enough to get the tissues at the ready, right?):

Thank you, Jerry Lewis, for all of your MDA labor and your comedic work for our entertainment through the years~

Avi Lipkin Interview (4 parts)

Part One: Myles talks with Avi Lipkin about the UN and the Balfour Declaration..

Part Two: Myles talks with Avi Lipkin about The Arab Spring

Part Three: Myles talks with Avi Lipkin about the new Al Jazeera Cable News network.

Part Four: Myles talks with Avi Lipkin about current and future events, and Jewish outreach to Christians

Going Forward


My Stance on the Martin-Zimmerman Case and Trial


Luke 6:45

New King James Version (NKJV)

45 A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart[a] brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.

In George Zimmerman’s NEN call he says some things that reveals his mindset towards this kid that he has his eye on. Now, I’m not at all against Zimmerman watching this “guy” he is suspicious of. I’m not even the least bit concerned that he profiled Trayvon Martin since there were break-ins in the neighborhood by young black youth. You can’t expect a person to stop thinking of pink elephants when there’s a pink elephant in front of him. But there’s things Zimmerman said in this NEN call that raised a red flag with me in light of the above Scripture verse spoken by our Lord Jesus Christ (and if anyone knows the heart of man, He does). Under his breath and with grave concern over his fear of the outcome being the same as “always,” Zimmerman says, “These as*holes, they always get away.” You can hear him in his call relate to the dispatcher that this kid “looks like he’s up to no good” and, “He’s high.” He also says, “f*cking punks” (yes, “punks,” Mr. Holder-its a soft “s” at the end of that word, not a “z” as the word “coons” has). Now, concerning the rest of what he said in the call, I wasn’t there, nor were you, to know if Martin was just trying to walk home and had his eye on Zimmerman for the same reason Zimmerman was watching him (out of being suspicious of him and cautious) or if he walked past Zimmerman’s vehicle with a bad-a*s  tough guy ‘tude. I used to say that this would have been an opportune time for Zimmerman to roll his window down and ask the kid what he was up to, but by this time Zimmerman thought Martin might be armed.  We found out later that it was a can of fruit juice. In my opinion here, and in light of the scripture verse quoted above, Zimmerman’s attitude was that he had had enough of these punks and he was going to do something about it. No, I don’t believe Zimmerman was going to murder the youth intentionally but he did want to keep him from “getting away.” This video gives evidence that Martin was held against his will and that he told Zimmerman to get off of him (as per the phone transcripts of his conversation with friend, Ms. Jeantel) makes sense. And why, I believe, that it was Martin screaming as heard in the 911 call and not the fearless gun-toting Zimmerman, and why Zimmerman was beat up-those were defensive wounds, not offensive wounds.

Because I believe that Zimmerman is guilty of manslaughter  (and I’ve a thing to say on this below) I am automatically lumped in with those who want to say this was a racial profiling case. Zimmerman did profile, as in criminally, but not racially. But there are those who want to say that Zimmerman said, “f*ing coons” and not “f*ing punks.” I, like alot of people, wasn’t pleased to see those scab-picking opportunists, Jackson and Sharpton, brought in but  I can somewhat understand it since there had been problems in the past with the Sanford police and Sanford’s black citizens. Zimmerman even took up the cause of a homeless black man who had been beaten by the SPD. However, they were working on healing those wounds at this time.  And the POTUS had no business speaking on the situation as it is not his job to do since this one murder of a black kid by a white guy was not on par with a national crisis. Now, if he wants to speak out against black on black murders…ahem…And Holder, you need to to go after the New Black Panthers for threatening the life of an American citizen and putting a bounty on his head. And also bring them to task for calling on the killings of “crackas” and their white babies. Do your job! I stand with Zimmerman against this trumped up charge of a racially motivated hate crime. I also fear you and your department will be less than truthful when you find nothing on Zimmerman but have to manufacture the evidence so as to make him pay for a crime that the Sanford 6 found him not guilty of.

On this manslaughter charge: it may be legal in Florida to add another option for a jury to consider as a charge to ensure a conviction but its like changing the rules in the middle of a game you are losing at to better your chances of a win. Ah, yes, the state knew it had overcharged Zimmerman. Or, perhaps they realized they did not put out a convincing argument before the jury. And why, oh why, did the defense have a difficult time getting discovery from the state?  Even though the information was not admissable due to not having any way to prove Martin was the one who uploaded the pictures on his cell phone and the fact that Martin was not criminally charged with any wrong doing concerning what was found in his backpack it doesn’t mean you withhold from the defense such information. Why the need for such tactics? I’ve seen this done with a certain defense team of a certain “not guilty”Florida child murderer but the state who is a victim’s advocate? I’ve heard that its not all that uncommon. Its still a shameful mark on our judicial system.

This brings me to a very disturbing video by a man I admire and one who I thought would never stoop so low as to put a dead victim on trial for his own killing at another’s admitted doing using information that was not allowed in court according to law. Its like Whittle is lynching Martin as though Martin were at fault for Zimmerman’s supposed “lynching” by a group of angry black racists and guilted white liberals . He doesn’t know whether Martin was going through a phase or if he was really out to be a career gangsta-unless he believes he is as all-knowing as God:

Yes, Mr. Whittle, I can easily imagine that you, and others with your same opinion, truly believe that Zimmerman did the world a favor by ridding it of an unredeemable thug. But why do I believe those who call Zimmerman a hero or, at the least, hold him up as their gun rights poster boy, are venting their anger and taking it out on Martin because of the professional race baiters getting involved? As if the dead child were giving the orders for them to get involved. Go ahead. Throw your stones at the “kid” (Zimmerman called him that himself). He’s dead. It won’t hurt him anymore. I hope you feel better for venting your spleen against a just turned 17 year old who was only walking home with his juice and the Skittles he bought for his friend.

Who ended up dead for standing his ground against a man who was creeping him out.

Our Declaration of Independance Explained

The History of the Declartation of Independance

We Are America


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